Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chapter 2 page 580 - TTT

First, welcome to anyone from Spring into Training who is stopping by for the first time.  Hope you enjoy what you read and come back often.

Three Things Thursday:

1.  BOO to being injured - but I constantly remember it could be SO.MUCH.WORSE!  I have been banned from any form of fitness walking or running (or jogging or shuffling or you pick the word - they were very clear to be inclusive SIGH) for at least 2 more weeks.  BOO BOO!

2.  I have spent the last several weeks watching a family of Robins tending to a nest and now the baby birds are out of their shells and with my  "b' nocs" I can see the little fluffy birds in the nest with their mouths open - pretty cute (and I hate birds . . .lil' side note for you to "get to know Wells L a little better".

3.  I saw Men In Black 3 over the holiday weekend - it's good.  I'm glad that I saw it!  I recommend it.  That said, there are 2 name brand "fancy" movie theaters in the Big City.  It's been maybe 2-3 years (or 4-5 who can keep track) since I've been to one of them.  Holy ticket prices batman - a 12:50 movie cost $7.00 and oh no that wasn't the 3D version or the Imax one - that was the plain ol' regular movie.  $7.00!!!!  Weren't those mid-afternoon ticket prices like $4-5 not so long ago.  YES I know - tight wad BUT I recently read an online article about 20 things that kids born today won't be familiar with . . . .yes, movie theater was one of them.  At the time I read that I thought it was absurd, but after a $7.00 ticket in an uncomfortable seat there might be something to it.

How much are movie ticket prices where you live?  What's your movie viewing preference (@ home with Netflix, redbox, dvd, online, cable or @ theaters)?


  1. we got to the movies sometimes, but we usually use Netflix streaming. And $7 for a afternoon is cheap - the place we go $8.75 a person

  2. $7.00 or a movie is sooooooooooooo cheap ... mine average around $15.00, it's an expensive trip to take the fam to the movies.