Sunday, May 13, 2012

Chapter 2 page 575 - Saturday Happenings

I started off with a "5 miler" for my first "long" run of this new training cycle.  I put the "5 miler" in quotes because my phone's gps said I ran 6.12 miles (woo), but says I ran 5.7 miles (less impressive, but still fine).  I'm  more inclined to believe mapmyrun so . . . 5.7 as my first "long" (only at the beginning of a training cycle does a 5 miler feel long) run.  DONE!
Pre-run Sass!
Here's a quickie recap:
-beautiful day
-new jamz on my ipod thanks to a birthday present from my husband
-new shoes . . . first run (ohh the anticipation)

-I was able to do 180 strides per minute for the first half using a 1:1 interval
-Ran a song/walked a song during the second half

-it got hot (77*) and so did my water (like drinking pee by the end . . . nice, right?)
-new shoes weren't as awesome as I had hoped
-my hip which began hurting 2 weeks ago at the Wallaby Waddle began hurting at mile 4 (BOO!)
-I did 180 strides per minute for the first half using 1:1 interval (what was I thinking adding in the speed work for the long run . . . such an overestimation of my abilities - BOO!)
-my hands and fingers and ankles swelled WAY up (not uncommon, but not usually this severe)

-I'm a social runner and this was solo . . . what am I going to do when the runs get longer
-I was up kind of late last night so I was already tired
-Didn't eat breakfast before heading out - had 3 tropical punch bloks
-Ate way too much last night while hanging out with friends = tummy troubles
It was a sweatfest!  Post race photo
I got all fancy and headed to a neighboring city to attend a super special event. 
Quite the radical change from the post-run photo a mere 45 minutes later!

"C's" oldest daughter got married.  The Marine traditional wedding was absolutely fantastic!  The bride and groom are the CUTEST couple on earth! I wish them a lifetime of happiness!!!  Congratulations!
Obviously not taken yesterday at the wedding, but aren't they cute!
I mowed the grass, started a camp fire, grilled a burger, watched Netflix on the ipad (discovered an English tv drama Doc Martin), and chilled with my pup!

 Such a perfect day - what did you do this weekend?


  1. love what your sweatband says...haha!

  2. Look at you all fancy - you look great! Your blog photos are like mine...surprising to see without sweat and headbands. ;)

    I love your little fire - that's exactly the kind of thing I want for our house!

  3. Love your little camp fire! So nice! Sounds like a great weekend. And, can I say I think you looked amazing in that picture from the wedding!

    Sorry your shoes weren't as good as you were hoping and our hip started bothering you. I can feel for you, I have been struggling alot lately!

  4. Dont you love the swell! My hands and feet do it too I have sausages coming out of my palms! That does sound like an awesome weekend - you look stunning for the wedding, absolutely gorgeous xx

  5. Hey, hot stuff! Looking good - in every photo.

    I have some serious issues with swelling in the summer. I'm afraid my fingers are going to fall off one of these days.

  6. I have the same shoes in blue! I like them, but I've had better. Can't believe you got all sex-ified in 45 minutes! I"m impressed!
    Don't forget, I'll be your running buddy for those hilly training days!
    Yay for you getting out there and doing your new training schedule!

  7. Sounds like a perfect weekend! I raced on Saturday with my 16yr old son at our local Annual Bridge Run was so much fun! I love the fire, I need one of those for my backyard...the dog is adorable! You did great this weekend, keep it up girl!