Saturday, May 5, 2012

Chapter 2 page 573–YIKES!

As I announced on Thursday, I’ve jumped into the deep end of the pool by registering for 4 half marathons between July and October.  Tonight . . . I created the training plan to help me get there (check it out HERE).

New training plans have always been exciting and like a breath of fresh air . . .this one, though, is causing anxiety and panic.  It might have to do with I’ve been running 0-9 miles/week and starting Monday I’m heading straight into 13 miles and up from there. 

I think I can!  I think I can!  I think I can!  I think I can!  I think I can!

Here’s hoping that you’ll stay on board with your support for the next 25 weeks!  We can do this together, right?!?!

What are you training for?


  1. My lack of commenting doesn't mean that I am not reading, I swear to Bob that I am reading every post. LOL
    Way to go, you're going to kick butt and take names. I salute you for your ambition, way to rock on!!! You totally can do it!

  2. You got this!! Your plan looks great too!! I'll be here on board with you!!

  3. You are totally capable of rocking not only the half marathons, but also kicking butt and taking names as far as the training is concerned. I have faith that you will do fantastic and I can't wait to see how you do!

    I have two halves this fall, but starting in June I will begin my marathon training, until then I am taking an unofficial break. I plan to run, but not going to push distances and such. Of course, that all depends on what I find out from the doctor on Wednesday.

  4. You go girl...I am also running/training for a half in right now I'm right about 8.5 miles on my long run day and 3-4 on my shorter days...looks like you are doing great! I have a 5 mile race on Saturday May 12th with my 16yr old son Jacob so that should be a fun run! I am currently looking for another race or two before my long race in September!!!

  5. WOW you are going to be busy!!
    Right now my training is lacking, BUT Im training for:
    A half memorial day weekend
    An olympic triathlon @ the end of june
    RnR Providence half in August
    Pumpkinman 70.3 in September
    Hartford Half in October

    So far, thats my big list!
    I should go get a run in!

  6. You are CRAZZZZZY girl!! A good crazy... but crazy none-the-less!!

    I am training to be healthy... trying to get through a round of P90X with plans to do P90X2 following it... but not training for anything special.

    Noticed your comment about a comment that I made on another blog, so I stopped by to say HI.


    Make it a great day!

    Momma Marge

  7. LOVE your training plan!! You are so organized!! I start out with a plan from runner's world and then never really follow it faithfully lol...
    I'M SO EXCITED YOUR DOING THE CBUS HALF AGAIN!!! :) I'm doing the full again "planning to" anyways lol... so hopefully we can meet up again! :) YAY! :)