Monday, August 6, 2012

Chapter 2 page 597–RnR Chicago “Mini Marathon”

I’m typing this recap while watching the women’s Olympic marathon – they just ran 7 miles in 39:00 (so inspiring!).

Everyone reading this blog knows that in early May I signed up for 4 late summer/fall half marathons only to take a serious fall a week later resulting in an ankle, knee, and wrist injury . . . and then a back injury.  SIGH.  It definitely wasn’t the plan, but I’m a “make lemonade” kinda gal so luckily I was able to drop down from the half to a mini (5K). 

MOA and I headed to the start line and we both agreed on one thing – it.was.humid!!!  We sat on the curb during the pre-game entertainment (my back was already screaming just from our leisurely stroll from the hotel to the start line). I selected my Bondi Band because I knew that digging deep (to overcome my back pain) would not get the job done – I knew I would need to “dig deeper”.  We opted for purple so I busted out the purple polish and brought my usual enthusiasm to the party.


Soon enough we were off – I got caught up in the “sea of humanity” that was running . . . 4 minutes later I was like, “WHAT am I DOING?”  So I decided that I would run for one ipod song and walk for one.  I did that twice and my back was SCREAMINZG!  I felt as if this 3 miles was going to feel a lot like the 2 miler I had tried to do a month earlier (click HERE if you want to remember the nightmare).  During that 2nd walking break (about 3/4 of a mile into the race) I came across a true angel – Sonya!  She started talking to me and invited me to stay with her – that’s it – I knew I would need that social contact in order to be able to finish this race without sitting on the curb, stopping to stretch, or possibly even giving up.  Sonya and I walked and talked and enjoyed the beauty of the course.  I owe her EVERYTHING!  I LOVE RACING for that reason – people are just awesome!  Here are some pictures I took along the way – just so beautiful!


Here’s a picture of Sonya – thanks girl!  It was HOT and it was her first race, but she was such awesome and I’m so grateful!  You might remember last year I “met” a guy during this race (click HERE if you care). . . friendly Midwest town I guess


A painful time, but take THAT injuries – I can’t be stopped!!!!! (Slowed yes . .  51:47, but NOT STOPPED!).  BAM!

Next up?  Post Race Fun!


  1. Look at you!! Thats awesome girl!!

  2. Great job girl, I need some of that "make lemonade" attitude. You are the most inspiring person I know, you always have a smile on your face it makes you AWESOME :)