Thursday, April 5, 2012

Chapter 2 page 563–5 (yeah, it’s 2 more than usual, deal with it) Things Thursday

I never have 3 things on a Thursday to say, but today I do 5 things!!!!!

1.  I was a victim of that dang credit processing center hacking that happened earlier this week in GA!  A$$holes charged nearly $300 out of my checking account.  Thankfully it wasn’t like THIS experience, but still – I had to go to the bank, stop that bank card and then file a police report.   Apparently it’s happened to like 20,000 people so check all of your credit card accounts to make sure there are no fraudulent charges. 

2.  I discovered a new martini at a Big City eatery last week – I have discovered the exact perfect recipe for a S’more Martini – enjoy!

3 shots of Pinnacle Whipped Vodka

1/2 shot of Hazelnut Liqueur

3/4 shot of Crème de Cocoa (clear)

Shake and serve with a graham cracker rim; totally amazing – but will leave you well lit!  Enjoy!

3.  Local gem – have you ever found (or been shown) a local (or near you) treasure?  One that seemingly everyone knew about except you?  Today, my mom showed me 2 such establishments in a small town about 20 minutes from my house.  The first was a local cheese shop where they make cheese under the Swiss Land brand.  I have eaten the cheese many times and known it was made in a nearby community but never been to the retails shop.  The cheese is sold at a significant discount and is amazing!!!!  If you get a chance to try Swiss Land cheese – you should (and think of me).  The 2nd local treasure is a tiny grocery store with uber cheap prices – I mean uber cheap!  UBER CHEAP!  You could get fresh produce for such a low price.  They had meat (mostly I was interested in a HUGE ham for $27.00 that was made at another nearby smokehouse).  They had spices for NOTHING – crazy – like those small deli containers (1/2 pound I think) of any spice was like $1.79 – what?!? A small sprinkler container of pumpkin pie spice at Krogers is like $6.  Such an amazing place.  I’ve passed near it a million times and never known it was there.  Ever had such an experience?!?

4.  Today, I was at a health fair at a retirement community as part of my job.  The massage therapist at the booth next to me was not only someone I graduated with (which happens somewhat regularly) but was actually one of my high school friends (that almost never happens).  We had such a great time for 4 hours at this event – catching up, chatting, laughing, and remembering old times.  I was thrilled to see her and hear about her incredible life!  So fun – and completely unexpected!  What to hear something even crazier – we were both at this same event last year but didn’t see one another.  Hmmm – small world!

5.  This one is a joke, but it is NOT meant to upset or offend anyone.  It’s perfect for today since it’s Maundy Thursday

You all know in the picture of The Last Supper how Jesus has his hands out to his sides just over the shoulders of His disciples?

Do you know what he was saying while holding his hands out?

If you want to be in the picture you have to scootch in – come closer.

What were your 3 (or 2 or 5 ) things for Thursday?

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  1. Missed me!!!! Have just been catching up on your blogs - busy girl ... I like the sound of the piloxing - haven't seen anything like that here.

    I've missed out on my cross training for march and april seems to be heading much in the same direction .... grrrrrrrr

    Have missed you!!