Saturday, April 21, 2012

Chapter 2 page 568–Super Saturday

First, holy cow – it’s been a week since I posted . . . WHERE did the time go???????  My goodness!!!  I’m sorry – Did you know May is just around the corner?  Anyone else think that time is FLYING?!?!

Second, I had one of the most spectacular Saturday’s ever.  I also want to apologize because at each moment today I said, “We should get our picture taken”, but alas, there are only photos of us at Body Pump.

My day started off with a return to Body Pump.  It’s been nearly a month since I was last there – sigh.  It was beyond AWESOME to get back to it (though, my quads and buns may not be quite as happy – tomorrow is going to suck!).  here are some quick shots – mostly just screwing around between tracks  (shocker!). 


These are my FAV pictures – the bottom left is my hardcore Bestie Bloggy Friend, Kimbelry knocking out military style push ups – look at those shoulder muscles and biceps!  The bottom right photo was taken upside down while Kimberly was doing a side plank – I didn’t rotate it because it just cracks me up!


Bottom left photo is me after doing nearly ALL of those pesky lunges (MAN I HATE LUNGES).  Bottom right is Kimberly next to our teacher, Corey. 


That concludes the photo portion of this post – I’m so sorry because the rest of the day was super fun!  I met up with my mom and we spent the whole day in the Big City just doing fun stuff. 

We went to an little shop that sells Balsamics and Olive Oils.  There are dozens and dozens and dozens of kinds and you can sample them all.  WOW – how much fun and how delicious!  Some of my FAVS were:  Butter Olive Oil, Garlic Olive Oil, Blood Orange Olive Oil, Red Apple Balsamic, Cinnamon Pear Balsamic, Dark Chocolate Balsamic, Vanilla Balsamic, and Maple Balsamic.  Incredible.  I promise to go back so that I can get photos to show you.  Have you ever heard of such a place?  It was awesome. 

We went to Culvers for lunch.  Is there a Culvers where you live?  There are several within an hour’s drive, but I' hadn’t been to one.  I enjoyed a Walleye sandwich – YUM!

We went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond (twice, actually – forgot the 20% off coupon the first time). 

We went to Williams Sonoma.  Usually it’s a wonderful place, but there was a guy doing a cooking demonstration and burned onions – it really made for a foul smell . . . which remained on our clothes and in our hair.

We went to Sam’s Club – now that’s always a good time.  We like to buy things and split them (really, who needs 24 gigantic oranges . . . 12 is plenty).  We shared spinach, strawberries, oranges, and clorox wipes on this trip.

We went to the mall so I could return a defective bed quilt and pick up a necklace I ordered a few weeks ago.

We went to Party City – do you have one of those near you?  Holy cow, I can so totally make upcoming races A LOT OF FUN with stuff from that store!!!!!

That’s about it – but it sure was a lot of fun!!!!  Now I’m resting up for a 10K tomorrow . . . if we’re being honest, I haven’t run a single step in a month (since my last race, the Nutrti-Run).  Eek – I’m sure this will be just the push in the right direction, though, to get back into it more faithfully.  Did I mention the month has FLOWN by?????

How was your Saturday?


  1. I SAW YOU! I was driving by you just as you turned to go into Sams... I tried to get your attention but you were deep in conversation! Hope you enjoyed your day in the big city!

    I've never heard of the balsamic and olive oil place, sounds great!

    Don't feel bad about not running since the Nutri-Run, I haven't run much either, and I have a half in two weeks! eek! Good luck tomorrow!

    1. How funny you saw me!!! Wish I would have been paying better attention -sorry! Would have loved to see you!

      Olive Twist near the Indian place across from Chops - SOOOOOO SUPER COOL!!!!! SERIOUSLY you HAVE to plan to go there!!!!!!

      Thanks for the support - fingers crossed for tomorrow. You'll crush your half - no worries!

  2. Good luck tomorrow!

    I'll take Kimberly's shoulders/biceps with a side of Corey to go, please.

  3. Good luck tomorrow - you will have no problem. The olive oil and balsamic place sounds like my idea of heaven YUM blood orange olive oil would be awesome! Thanks for the kick up the bum, appreciate it my friend! x

  4. good to see you around again!!! That class looks awesome.

  5. Good luck today! Don't worry about not running. It's a beautiful day to run in the park. Enjoy the spring flowers. They are gorgeous. Glad you are back at Body Pump. Maybe we can see each other in class again. You are definitely the life of the class. Once again, good luck and above all, have fun!

  6. I hope you had a fantastic 10k race today - can't wait to read about it! I would absolutely love to try a flavored balsamic so that stores sounds fantastic!

  7. You were so productive!! I had a very productive Saturday too!