Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chapter 2 page 234 - big ol' pain

Well, the pain in my right foot and knee no longer just hurts while running, but it now hurts anytime I stand up, walk, or sit down so . . . I'm going to an ortho doc tomorrow morning. Tune in tomorrow for the details of what I find out.

On a happy note, my eating has been AWESOME. I have lost 7 pounds since 1/28 (see HERE for the pivotal life changing moment). I feel I'm doing great - making healthy choices all day long. I just had a delicous snack: 2 pickle spears, 1 piece of low fat colby jack cheese, 1/2 cup Pom, and 6 whole wheat triscuts.

On a seperate note, the forecasted low for tomorrow is -8 (windchill -20). OMG! That's beyond super cold for this area!!! Wowzers!!!! Be safe my fellow Hoosiers!

Thanks for the support - love reading your comments and learning from you through your blogs!!!


  1. Can we have snack time together? I LOVE pickles!!! (And not just because I'm pregnant ;))

    Great job on the weight loss! It's such a great motivator.

  2. Oh no! So sorry to hear about your foot & knee pain! Hopefully they'll have a suggestion for you. At least you won't be missing a beautiful sunshiny day of running. (-20... Ugh!) And great job on the weight loss! Make sure you take it easy though. We all want to see rapid change, but that's less healthy & less sustainable. Think of weight loss as a marathon: slow & steady. Good luck!

  3. i don't think we know each other, but i just wanted to say that you eating healthy and loosing weight is REALLY inspiring! i truly admire you! keep it up!