Saturday, October 1, 2011

Chapter 2 page 451 - half marathon class week #8

Let me apologize that I didn't provide more frequent updates about what I was learning during my half marathon class.  We ran into SEVERAL weeks where I learned NOTHING (ex: one week we learned how to drink water from a cup, one week we didn't actually meet we just ran, etc).  But I thought over the next week or so, I would finish up posts featuring "what I learned during my half marathon class." I know some of you cared to know what I learned.

Week #8: Energy Products
-Your body can only store enough "energy" for about 60 minutes of exercise

-Fueling with chews (chomps, blasts, bloks, etc) should happen 1 chew every 10 minutes to 1 serving every 45 minutes

-Bars (powerbar, clif bar, snickers marathon bar) are best used as a recovery snack

-Gels (gu) can actually be dissolved in water (totally didn't know you could do this): take 1 gu packet and mix it with 6 ounces of water and shake vigorously.  The benefit of doing this is that you don't have to carry both gu and water or worry about having water to drink following fueling - it's all in one!  Drink/take it as you would normally fuel.  ANYONE ELSE HEARD OF DOING THIS????  

-Protein can be difficult to digest during exercise

-Fiber is contained in some energy products and can lead to digestive issues during or following exercise


  1. very interesting...ive heard of dissolving gu in water but have never tried it. cant wait to hear more about what you've learned!

  2. hahaha... love the gels pic.. that's a lot of gels. i take energy gels only on runs over 10-12 miles. when i first started i took for runs over 9 miles.

    i hate chews though.. they make my belly ache during runs!