Friday, October 7, 2011

Test drive

Hi there bloggy friends.  I’m trying something new . . . one of my best bloggy friends (who became a bestie in real life) has taken me under her wing (her ever shrinking wings) to show me some of her awesome blogging “tricks”.  First off – using Windows Live Writer.  So, with some help from my techie husband, I’ve downloaded it and this window popped up so I thought I would try it.  More lessons are coming my way tomorrow so stay tuned. 


well, I just put that photo there to see if I could and I can . . . but can’t figure out how to put a caption so . . . I better arrange multiple bloggy classes with my big city bestie, huh!

Do you use Window Live Writer? 

If so, what are some of the best tips you have to help a sista’ out?


  1. I've heard about the benefits of Windows Live Writer, but I've never tried it. Might have to do that now. I've also considered switching to Wordpress because I want to change the name of my blog (and the URL link for it, too).

  2. TAKE 3!
    I wrote a comment and then bam it was gone! Should I be jealous that there is another bestie in your fold lol :) I haven't had anything to to do with live writer but would be interested knowing more.

  3. @ Sammy - no worries girl, you'll always be my down under bestie :) ha!!!! I'm LOVING the Live Writer - it's free to down load. It's pretty easy to use (just needed a little show and tell).