Thursday, October 13, 2011

Chapter 2 page 461–worst training partner EVER!

This is a confession post -

I have been THE WORST training partner ever.  I have “blown off” “C” two times this week because I skipped out on running with her (and also skipped out on any kind of running for that matter).  I know – it’s a terrible thing!  I soooo look forward to running with “C” and THIS week was extremely important because we needed to talk about our upcoming races.  Ohhh, I suck and I know it and I feel badly about it, but my job has really gotten out of control in October and I know it’s a pathetic excuse, but it’s really true.  I just haven’t been able to get away from my desk to go run – honestly, I have really tried!  SIGH.  Hope “C” forgives me!!!

Next confession -

I am in SUCH a bad mood!!!!!  I’m sooo upset about something that happened at work today and honest to goodness it’s such a small thing that I absolutely should have let it roll right off my back, but nope – I over reacted and so totally caused the situation to get even worse and in the process pissed off 2 (maybe 3) people!  I apologized because I was wrong, but you know how the hard feelings remain (on both sides of a situation) – yeah, I’m still pissed and I can’t seem to get over it.  That’s not usually my style.  I’m usually a ‘get mad – discuss it – and get over it in a few minutes’ kinda gal.  Ever been pissed about something small that you know you shouldn’t be upset about but that just were? 

Finally -

This Sunday, “C” and I will be running the Columbus Half Marathon.  “L” is coming with us to cheer us on and I know we’ll have such a good time (minus the 13.1 miles that I feel completely unprepared for).  I’ll be at my Girls’ Night Out event all of tomorrow and will be leaving town early on Saturday morning so . . . this isn’t a very “cheerful” post to leave you with (please know I’m not usually in a funk – it’s a rarity for sure!), but know I’ll return next week with a race recap and photos of our FUN!  Just wanted to wish 2 awesome gals doing firsts this weeked all the luck in the world:  Zaneta (running her 1st FULL) and Kristin (running her 1st HALF) - and of course to everyone else who is racing this weekend.  Good luck girls and I hope you have a REALLY great time!!!!!!

I’ll be back next week for a few posts before I head to St. Louis for my 2nd back to back half marathon.  Have a fun and safe weekend everyone!


  1. You'll be fantastic this weekend--what's another half marathon with your impressive record? :)
    I hate when I'm so angry about something SMALL but I just can't get over it. Happens more often than I would like to admit, if I'm completely honest. Can't wait to hear how your latest race goes in Columbus...and how you handle back to back races!!!

  2. Hugs! And don't worry. I'm sure C doesn't hate you, and every one has a bad day. I am the worst at getting over small stuff and end up acting a fool the entire day. It's only until about 3 days later when I realize it.

    I hope you have a great work day today and an awesome time at Girls Night Out. Know I'm rooting for you this weekend.

  3. Just so you know, the 3 little ones an dI went to WB and walked to the 1st bench in the park. That is where the snake was, which is what we wanted to see. Great time.
    So looking forward to our trip. RELAXING!! Laughing, and chillin out!"L"

  4. Good luck in the 1/2 amazing women - I know you will have an fantastic run.

    I hate when you are upset about something little, then you get more pissed off cause you know you should be over it!! You know what I think would help with that? Tomatoes. A big bunch of red tomatoes!

    Looking forward to the recap.


  5. Anyone who reads your blog knows you're always uplifting and positive... these kinds of days happen!
    You are totally awesome! Thanks for the shoutout! :)

  6. Thanks for your kind comment about my half--and I'll aways notice your comments, thank you!!

  7. I envy the fact that you're a "let it roll" kind of person. I tend to hang onto little slights, comments and other things that get me in a pissy mood, although I'm much better now at not letting it get to me. I've seen the effect that holding grudges and not letting go has had on my older brother, who can be a very depressing and bitter person.

    I hope that you've had several great days at work to make up for the bad one. :)