Thursday, October 6, 2011

Chapter 2 page 456 - TR 171 speed work

Today'!!!!!!!  It was sunny and probably 80-82* - stunning!!!!!!  It felt hot (since we're used to rain and 50*), but ultimately it was picture perfect.  The leaves along the river were beginning to turn and reflecting off of the river - ohhh so picturesque.  "C", "L" and I were suppose to run today, but I heard "L" has been sick for a few days . . . FEEL BETTER FRIEND!!!  So, "C" and I met up and decided to run a path we were fairly certain would be snake free (see HERE if you happened to miss our horrible encounter with SNAKES on Monday!!!!).  Even though we despise running on today's path - ultimately it was a GREAT choice because we saw ZERO snakes - thankfully!!!!

Our training plan called for 5 miles of speed work.  I was looking forward to the speed work (thought it might be a bit warm to do speed work, but other than that - was looking forward to the challenge and knowing that each session of speed work makes me just that much faster . . . I'm like that I'm getting faster.  Here's how the session went:
warm up - .4 mile walking warm up
.5 miles normal pace using a 2:30 run and 1:15 walk at about a 12:30 m/m
1 mile using a metronome to run at 180 strides/min (our speed work) at about a 11:00 m/m using a 1:15 run & 2:30 walk interval
.6 mile walk
.5 mile normal pace using 2:30 run and 1:15 walk
.5 mile speed work (same as above)
.6 mile walking cool down
TOTAL = 4.3 miles (not quite 5, but close enough for this "phase" of training)

Ta da - speed work session DONE!

How do you do your speed work?


  1. Today's weather was beautiful for a run, actually its been pretty awesome all week. Leave it to me to be injured and miss running during what will probably be the last warm week of the year!

    Great job on the speedwork today! And hooray for no snakes!

  2. I've been loving the weather we've had the last several weeks. Perfect running weather for me, and that is reflected in my average pace. :)

    I usually do my speedwork on the treadmill or on a flat route. I try to do 4 x 200s or 6 x 200s, with 200 recovery between each interval. I try to get my pace up to 7:00-7:15/mile pace for the fast portions. I haven't done much speedwork for a while, though, due to wedding related stuff.

  3. I haven't graduated to speedwork yet... I'm still learning how to run. LOL. Congrats on your nice speedwork!