Monday, October 3, 2011

Chapter 2 page 454 - Half Mary Class Mixer

After 15 weeks of class and completing our goal race, we had a final celebration together . . . as one large class (we were actually 2 separate classes - a north class and my class which was a south class).  It was a BLAST!!!!  Hearing how the race went for each participant was humbling.  Each of us equipped with the same tools, on the same route, but each having a very unique experience.  What amazes me MOST is that despite there being more than 3,300 half marathon participants spread over 13.1 miles, STILL managed to catch up with one another and run together for parts of the race.  Isn't that mind blowing?  Sue (from the north class) came running up beside me at about mile 9 and stayed with me until just after mile 11.  Jenn (from the south class) ran with me the last .6 miles.  "C" ran with Diane (from the south class) for more than half of the race.  This class built more than just half marathoners - it created friendships!  During our class celebration (held at Olive Garden - YUM!) we all talked about races we would like to do in the future . .. guess what was discussed?  Las Vegas RnR on the Strip at Night!  How FUN would we have doing that?!?!  More likely though, the W.O.O.F.  relay!!!  Woot - that's a 16 mile trail run that "C" and I are doing with Kimberly from Healthy Strides on 11/5 and hopefully (fingers crossed) the 3 north class girls will be doing the race as a relay too - FUN!!!!!!  Stay tuned  . . . .
Here's a "class photo" - what a super fun group of students and what a privilege to get to learn from such a great teacher!!!!
Back row L to R:  my training partner "C" (south class ), Diane (south class), Stacey (north class - 10K), Sue (north class), Patty (north class); Front row L to R:  Jenn (north class), Eric (our awesome teacher), John (south class), moi (south class)

What kind of photo would it be without a little "thumbs up" action?  HEE HEE!


  1. It's so neat to me that you all all so close. Isn't it awesome how running and experiencing races brings people together?!

  2. Awesome pictures! Such a fun night, it was great hearing about everyone's races! I think we should have another one soon! haha