Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Chapter 2 page 465– Columbus Half the race

The previous 2 posts have been about the “friends” I met during the race and the expo, I thought it is about time I actually talk about the race.

Let me sum it up – AWESOME!  The half route was amazing.  It weaved through scenic neighborhoods and large metropolitan intersections.  It was lined with enthusiastic spectators and jammed with the amenities you’d expect in a large race (plentiful water stations, clocks at mile markers, fuel at mile 7, chip timing for “tweet my time” splits, etc). 

Race time stats:  No idea the exact stats but probably about 45* and 20 mph winds with gusts up to 30 mph (COLD, brutally and unbearably breezy).  I ended up wearing a long sleeve shirt and capris with compression sleeves (awesome choice) during the race – I had a half zip Nike long sleeve shirt on before the race, but gave it to “L” to hold during the race.  I also had gloves on before the race that “L” kept for me.  If I hadn’t had “L” there I would have definitely had to have throw-away clothing!

I’m not going to go mile by mile – it wasn’t that kind of race for me, but here are some things that are worth remembering in case I do this race again (or in case you do it someday):  long slow hill that lasted about 2 miles and one steep hill at like mile 11.5ish – both hills sucked!  OHHH, I got to try a new kind of fuel (it’s like Gu but a different brand – dang, what’s it called???? Power shot maybe?).  Risky I know, to try a new fuel during the race, but I was feeling confident and decided “what the heck'”.  MAN.WAS.IT.GOOD!!!!  It was chocolate – dang – it was YUM-MY!!!!  It makes chocolate gu taste like ummm – well, let’s just say it is WAY better!  I’m addicted – I could totally just fuel with that (after my stock of other fuel products is used up). 

Here are some awesome photos taken during the race (mostly by “L”- thanks girl for being our cheerleader and official photographer!) – enjoy! (hopefully you can see them – I’m trying out some of those new blogging skills I recently learned. . . eek, hope it works)

There is a photo of my hand by my head – showing you my sparkly purple nails and my purple hair tie (I had packed my clothes several days earlier when it was suppose to be HOT and had planned to wear a short sleeve purple shirt – ummm, yeah well – long sleeve blue was the game day decision).  There is also a photo a what looks like fire shooting up from the top of  a building – kind of is.  The race began with a lovely display of fireworks.   There is a photo of “L” sporting the drawstring backpack given to all of the participants – she was our “pack mule” for the day (thanks girl!)  The others are just candid shots during and after the race. 

Just had so much fun trying new ways to post the photos I thought I would try yet another way – ha (same photos – just posted differently . . . more practice).

pkg garage columbus pix

3 race photos

3 other race pix

finish line trio photos


  1. Love the photos, sounds like a great race. I am glad you guys enjoyed it despite the poor weather conditions!

  2. Great photos! Maybe the gel was Chocolate #9? I love it, and it tastes like chocolate syrup!

  3. Way to give a shout out to F4F with your gear! Great photos and great report. I think I might be hopping on the Cbus wagon for next year ...

    P.S. You should pretend that your nails matched the fireworks :)

  4. @ Kimberly - funny you noticed it - we actually ran behind 2 gals who also had this year's half mary F4F shirt on. We gave them a shout out and they looked at us like we were dorks. Cbus - YES! I got us the perfect hotel and perfect parking garage - YES come with us!