Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Chapter 2 page 456 - bunches-o-randomness

Let me begin by saying I had the perfect little post topic in mind and poof - it fell out of my head . . . hopefully it will come back to me soon.  In the meantime, I have a few random topics to kick around:

1.  I tried the MOST amazing "fancy" coffee house drink today .  . . Peppermint (1 shot) hot chocolate (with skim milk).  I can totally see how you all enjoy going to the 'bucks (or similar establishment)!!!  I want one everyday!!!! I do not EVER go these swanky coffee shops primarily because I don't like coffee or tea or any hot beverages other than an occasional hot chocolate.  I now want one of these everyday!  Man - it was a full on experience!!!!  Also, how bad is this -they have a kind of coffee called Milky Way (or rather it's not the actual coffee that is Milky Way but that it has caramel squirty stuff in it and has chocolate syrup in the cup) - UMMMM couldn't that make one heck of a kind of hot chocolate?  OH MAN!!!!  How often do you go to these fancy coffee places and what do you order (for the record - all of you Pumpkin Latte addicts out there - the girl I was meeting with got one - totally thought of y'all!).

2.  We do not have an HD tv.  GASP, I know!  Our tv is as thick as it is wide - it's old school (but only 7 years old so that's like first grade right? ha!).  This will be the first of some future tv related posts - but to start with . . . here are my questions to you:  Do you own an HD tv as your primary tv? 
What kind of store did you get it from?  (i.e. electronic specialty store like a Best Buy, big box store like Wal Mart, discount warehouse like Costco or Sams, or somewhere else? - Anyone get it online?

3.  I have been dreaming about running and racing A LOT lately.  For the hour after my husband woke up and the time I had to get up I fell back asleep and became "stuck" (ever been so engrossed in a dream you just can't wake up) in a dream where I was dreaming that I couldn't find the finish line.  I ran down one city street and passed some race officials who were packing up stuff but never told me I was going the wrong way so I did a U-turn and went down another city street and felt soooo helpless to be able to find the finish line.  YIKES!  That was the one I remember most clearly, but there have been at least 3 other dreams.  Do you dream about running or racing?

4.  In the next few weeks I have quite a few 12+ hours of very hectic work days and I know that I'm going to be exhausted.  I'm looking for healthy, easy to make meals - ideally crock pot, but not required.  Do you have any easy go-to recipes you would be willing to share?

5.  I've been "in training" for one race or the other since February and am looking forward to mid December when I can finally be out of race prep mode (though, of course, I'm still kicking around a Feb and/or March half - not likely though - I'm struggling to find cheap airfare).   If you're not running to train for a half or full marathon - what does your "fun" running weekly schedule look like? (how far is your longest run? do you do speed work? how many days a week do your run?)


  1. I like a peppermint steamer in the winter (just steamed milk, no coffee)

    I have an HDTV I got during tax free weekend last year from Best Buy. I opened a credit card with them for free financing for 3 years & Im paying it off a little at a time.

    I usually have crazy racing dreams when Im getting close to a race. I think its how I deal with my nerves.

    Hmmm I havent had a "fun" running schedule in a while. But in between training weeks I will do 3-4 miles 2x/week & a long of 8 or so on the weekend.

    Good luck with your crazy schedule! What races are you thinking of?

  2. I love anything pumpkin, but since I can't do coffee, I usually have to go with apple cider. Though, that's not such an awful thing as I love apple cider as well.

    Not sure what kind of tv we have. I'm assuming it's an HD one since we got it about a year ago.

    I've had a few racing dreams. I'm sure more will surface as I get closer to the half. *gulp*

    When I hit a "fun running" schedule, I will let you know how it goes. For now, I'm tapering. BOO! And focusing on my cross training. YAY zumba!

    If you want a race in Feb,... come do the Disney Princess Half with me!!!!!!! :)

  3. I'm not a big Starbucks fan. I like Caribou Coffee so much better. I usually go there once a month for a dark chocolate turtle mocha lite. Yum! The pumpkin lattes are good, too.

    You'd have to ask my husband about the TV. He bought it a while ago, so I don't know the specifics about it.

    I've had a few running dreams, but unfortunately, I don't remember them.

  4. Oops... I have two more questions to answer. :)

    I do more cross-training during my "fun" running schedule and cut down on the mileage. That helps keep me injury free.

    I wish I had some tried and true crockpot recipes for you, but I need to try them out myself. :)