Sunday, October 2, 2011

Chapter 2 page 453 - Half marathon class week # 11

Week 11:  Mental race preparation
Running a half causes some physical discomfort but it's a fair trade for the sense of accomplishment.

Tips for a successful race experience (not sure any of these were NEW to me, but I'll share them anyway):
-Visualize yourself completing the race, crossing the finish line, getting your medal

-Fill your mind with positive thoughts leading up to and during the race.  The more positive you are during the race, the less likely you are to be distracted and think negatively.  Choose something you can focus on when you become fatigued - might be your family, yourself, the finisher's medal, your friends, anything that gets you to the finish line.

-Study the course map and make sure you know where the aid stations and restrooms are located.  Look for areas that may be congested or challenging.

-Follow your race day schedule as much as possible.  Don't stress if something leading up to the race doesn't go as planned - you can still have a successful race.

-Prepare yourself for a variety of environmental conditions

-Find a quiet place prior to the start where you can relax and perform a mental and physical check.

-Run YOUR pace - don't get caught up in the excitement and atmosphere of the race.  Stick to YOUR plan - it is what you are most prepared for.

-Focus on your form (arms, head, shoulders, breathing, and legs) . . . especially if you get tired during the race.  Correcting one or two aspects of your form may be the trick to getting you back into a rhythm. 

-Most importantly HAVE FUN!  A race is not your job and your life doesn't depend on the outcome.  This is something YOU decided to do.  Put forth an effort that will make you proud. N o one will take that experience away from you!


  1. This lesson could also be used for life in general ... visualising what you want and then achieving.

  2. @ Sammy - true 'dat!!!! Oh great Wise One!!!

  3. I know it is hard to be as wise as me ... lol :)