Monday, October 3, 2011

Chapter 2 page 455 - TR 170 3 friends and 7 miles

Tonight was our long run - see, if you don't already know, we just did our goal half marathon last weekend (a week ago) and now we are facing 2 back to back half marathons on 10/16 & 10/24 (we also have a half on 11/20).  We're just in a recovery and tapering phase at the moment - keeping fitness but not trying to do too much to overly fatigue us or lead to injury.  Nice and easy is our current theme. 

Tonight, "C" and I were joined by "L" - always a good time, though, I'm not sure if she would say it was very fun.  She's not run with us in quite awhile and she was hurting by the end.  We did 7.32 miles and used a 1:15 run & 2:30 walk interval.  It wasn't fast or fancy, but it was some miles and more importantly - it was a blast.  We each laughed sooo hard that I'm sure we got a good ab workout in at the same time!!!!  We were bent over laughing while trying to run - that's good form right? ha!  We're all 3 heading to Columbus OH in 2 weeks and to St. Louis in 3 weeks - watch out! 

I had mapped out 2 possible options, but after getting one of them voted down because it ran on a boring road and the other getting voted down because of it being on a boring path - we opted for some 6.2 miles plus then figuring out some way to get a couple of extra miles.  We started off ONLY to be greeted by dozens of snakes along my FAV path!  EEK!!!  Dozens of snakes!!!  After the 1.13 miles of that path, we opted to change our route AGAIN staying on the road  . . . where guess what - there were dozens of snakes!!!  EEK!!!!  It was all just a little bit more than any of us could handle.  We had this problem the last 2 years and it just can't get over fast enough (my husband says because this week's weather is warming up to near 80 that they'll be around at least a few more weeks - SAY WHAT!!! -For the record, he suggested we just step on them to teach them a lesson . . . .UM, NO! . . but thanks honey for the suggestion). 


  1. Just pick the snakes up princess!!

  2. ... you do know I'm joking I hope!

  3. Yikes - I was going to be envious of your 7 mile run until I read about the snakes! I would have been terrified - not a huge fan of snakes!

    Great job on the run though, and I definitely think you are doing the right thing taking it easy, you don't want to end up gimpy like me!

  4. I ran out of the living room just picturing this. ICK!!!!!! I would run so fast and so far away upon seeing those snakes that I would set a world record in the mile.

    Great job on the run!

  5. Yikes! I can handle seeing one snake (well, if I'm honest that scares me too) but DOZENS!? I would have run so fast in the other direction!