Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Chapter 2 page 460–what to wear?

UPDATE:  I'm keeping it simple and pretty boring.  I'm going to wear a purple shirt and nail polish THIS weekend in Columbus.  I'll be wearing the pink and orange NEXT weekend in St. Louis.  Thanks to all for sharing your thoughts!

I wish you all knew me in real life because the post title is completely NOT me.  I  wear the same type of pants (in black or navy) and same type of polo logo polo shirt (usually in light blue) nearly everyday at work.  What I should wear isn’t usually something I spend 5 minutes on . . . except for now –
Here’s my dilemma – I have 2 half marathons (Columbus Half & St. Louis RnR Half) coming up only 7 days apart (both races I have to travel to and I’m super busy at work during the 7 days in between).  We’re not racing the races – just going to have fun.  We have spectators at the St. Louis race so I need to stand out enough for them to “spot” us. 
First, Columbus (THIS weekend): Anyone have any color suggestions for this weekend’s Columbus half?  I have red, pink, yellow, blue – royal and peacock, purple, and lime green.
Next, St. Louis RnR Half (NEXT weekend): To Tutu or Not To Tutu that is the question –what do you think?  Should I spruce up my tutu and wear it in St. Louis or just wear something else (I will have some spectators at this race).  Should I try to talk “C” into wearing a tutu too?  If you vote thumbs down on the tutu – then I’m open to your color suggestions or easy/quick costume ideas (I really think being a BEE would be fun – black capris, yellow compression calf sleeves and a yellow shirt with black electrical tape stripes). 
I know  I’m being ridiculous, but I would really appreciate any suggestions you have!  I’m in a funk and can’t decide.  Thanks y’all!


  1. I vote for peacock blue or purple for Columbus, because I like those colors. But, red would be good too because I don't think you have worn red lately? :)

    As far as St Louis - I think a tu-tu would be fun, but the bee idea is super cute too - you could even make a black and yellow tutu :) For what its worth, I am planning to make a sparkle skirt to wear over my usual running skirt for fun. I haven't decided on a shirt yet either - need to hit the dollar store and see what they have in knee socks that I can convert to arm warmers!

  2. I take it back, I remembered you wore red in September. So, my vote is peacock blue or purple!

  3. I think you should try to make it as easy on yourself as you can, in terms of packing. Almost so you could pack two bags this weekend - one for Cbus and one for St. Louis.

    My combos would be purple and green for one race and I love Jenn's idea of a black and yellow tutu but again, keep it easy.

    I can't wait to hear all about your adventures. Good luck and SMILE!

  4. I saw a lady wearing a cute bee costume at Ragnar. I think that would be a great costume to wear for one of the races.

    Yes, totally go with the tutu!

    Have you worn much blue at races this year? That is my favorite color, hint hint... wink wink! :D

  5. Hey I won some Sleeves that are Royal Blue with White stars - if you think you would work them into your outfit I could send them to you. They are an XL, and just a bit to flashy for me - but you embrace the wild side of color and honestly I instantly thought of you when I got them in the mail.