Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Chapter 2 page 464–Columbus Half Expo


The Columbus Convention Center had several signs welcoming runners – that’s always nice to see!


This would be “L” showing us the way – thanks “Vanna”


This expo was unlike anything I’ve ever been to (it was my 6th expo).  For starters, most large races either send a confirmation postcard or an email or have a paper that can be printed which can be turned in to get your bib.  This race – this VERY large race, had none of that.  They had a board with everyone’s name in alphabetical order. 

chris board blacked out

After finding your name, you were to remember it (or take a picture of it) and then head to appropriate numbered line.  Or in my case – I just checked in at my “special” location (yes, that says ELITES ONLY – and no, that’s not me checking in – LOL!)


After the packet pick up section of the expo, there was a wall of maps and general race info – so . . . . we posed for a photo (of course, would you expect ANYTHING else from this blog? ha!)


Show of hands who likes race expos?

Yeah, me too – but the Columbus expo was more like a swap meet/flea market and LESS like a race expo.  There were USED shoes for sale – only $50 (used shoes? yes, used!).  There were some guys with some jackets straight off the Chinese child labor lines for $10 – they had their “bargain” signs with arrows pointing to the pile of jackets.  They were yelling like they do at a swap meet “Only $10!”  It was just a little more hectic than most expos. 

What’s one of your favorite things about an expo?  Go ahead and say it – FREE STUFF or SAMPLES!  There was absolutely NOTHING free at this weekend’s expo!  Nothing!  There were people trying to promote sports drinks that I had never heard of, but they weren’t offering free sample sips.  What’s that all about?  At the Chicago RnR expo I had nearly 2 backpacks full of free samples plus a belly full.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not all about FREE stuff, but I’ve discovered a lot of fun new products because I’ve had the opportunity to try it.  Oh well, “C’ did get a new pair of shoes at a bargain price.  We also got some gu and chomps in flavors that aren’t available where we live.

While waiting to hopefully have a bloggy meet up, we posed for yet anohter photo – shocking I know – but it turned out pretty well I think!


Then, without a lot of planning or effort – BAM, I got to meet Zaneta from Runner’s Luck.  It was quick, but it was so much FUN!  She’s as sweet and kind and nice in real life as she appears in her blog.  OHHH, it was wonderful.  I really enjoy her blog and feel that we are similar life paths so it was just a fantastic opportunity to meet her (and her twin and her mom and her twin’s people).  Such a highlight!!!!  So glad that we got to meet!!!!!  She’s adorable and NOW she’s an official MARATHONER!!!  Congrats Z – you’re awesome!!!!



After the expo, we hit up Maritnis for a wonderfully delicious Italian meal (YUM!).  Such a fun “modern Italian” restaurant!


What makes a race expo enjoyable for you?


  1. I can't believe there was an expo without mini larabars and that dang Cascadian Farms granola. Bummer!

    At an expo, I love free stuff. And sales. And more free stuff.

  2. I'm so ALL about the free stuff!

  3. I am excited to go to a "real" expo this weekend! I am looking forward to hopefully getting some free stuff! :)

  4. At the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon/10-Mile expo, they were giving out free cups of coffee and Chobani yogurt. I do like all the free samples, but I also end up spending a decent amount of money at expos. I'm sure RNR Savannah will be no different. :)

  5. I soooo agree with you about the expo... wish it would've been better organized and the "goody bag" was a bit of a let down lol...
    YAY FOR MEETING UP!!! I'm so glad that I got to me your bubbly wonderful self at the expo!! You are awesome!! :) So glad to have met C and L too! you are all awesome in my book! :) Great job on running 2 halfs (halves?) so close together! :)