Friday, October 28, 2011

Chapter 2 page 470–The Arch

Between the 5 of us, we must have taken 500 pictures of the Arch – crazy, huh!  I must admit that before I went to STL I could have taken or left the arch, BUT WOW – the Arch is AMAZING! It’s only $10 to the top and worth every penny!  Sooo glad that we spent a LOT of time looking at it in all kinds of light.  Here are WAY too many pictures of the arch – enjoy!

This cluster of pictures was taken by MOA – thanks girl!


The following cluster of pictures taken by “C” – thanks girl!

arch and church at duskarch at night from miss riverarch at night with louise and i doing rocky impersonationarch museumarch prettychris at arch topchris by arch legchris with arch and medalfrom top of arch stadium and our hotellisa with arch and medalresult of lying on ground arch photothe arch looking like the wash monumentthe arch peaking through the fall treesthe gang at arch topthe pod tram to the top

. . . and these are my photos!


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  1. I took lots of photos of the Arch the only time I've been to St. Louis. It is beautiful! I love the photos where it looks like you and your friends are holding up the Arch. :)