Sunday, October 9, 2011

Chapter 2 page 457–Awesome weekend including TR 172 & 173!

I had a perfect  Saturday – it was just FUN!  I woke up way too early (afraid I would over sleep and be late for my big day), drove to the big city, dropped off my beagle at Petsmart to have a beautification day while I met up with my bestie big city bloggy friend “K”.  We went for an easy 3.6 mile run and just talked and laughed.  The pace was comfortable (“K” is crazy faster than I am so I’m sure she wasn’t' challenged, but she was generous and went my speed without pushing it – thanks girl!).  It was just an ideal run – the temp was perfect (70* maybe), the trees were beautiful – just picturesque!  After our run “K” introduced me to the most unexpected, but amazingly delightful bistro – it was so like you’d find in the DC Metro area (oh I miss the Mid-Atlantic . . . sometimes).  After we finished our delicious lunch, “K” gave me the 411 on the Live Writer (at least enough to get me started) – it felt like computer 101 (as in I should have known all of it, but sadly, shhh –don’t tell anyone,  I didn’t).  “K” was very generous with her knowledge sharing and didn’t even make fun of me once (I’m sure she was thinking “Really – you don’t know that?  I thought you were cool – hmmm, loser” but she never said it nor made me feel badly either.  I’m schooled now kids so watch out!  Afterward, I did some big city grocery shopping which yielded many fresh treasures (score!) then picked up my pup and headed to a fantastic Italian restaurant where I picked up dinner for my entire family.  I took it to my parents house to celebrate my dad’s birthday.  My husband fished while we were there and my pup played in the acres of country grass (even got a ride in the Gator).  I finally got home 12 hours after I had left in the morning – tiring!

Sunday – what an almost equally nice day!  It started off with another “too early” wake up (this time we can blame my pup’s small bladder).  I happened to be awake at the exact time the Chicago Marathon was suppose to start so I logged onto the runner’s world live feed (via the local NBC channel) and watched all 5 hours that were broadcasted (in my pj’s).  I watched the elites and learned A LOT about racing from their point of view – interesting and educational.  After the elites finished they just had the camera trained on the finish line where the tens of thousands of people finished – some exhausted others jubilant.  At the gun time of 5 hours, there was a man who crossed the finish line and immediately got on one knee and proposed to his girl friend who had finished the race with him –it appeared she said yes.  Shortly after the coverage ended, I decided I needed to go for a run – the weather has been spectacular and I hated to waste it.  I drove to the big city again in order to run the same route as yesterday (after all it was magical yesterday so why wouldn’t it be today too – short answer, it wasn’t nearly as fun! BOO!).  I thought I was going to do 6 miles, but apparently had a mileage calculation error and only went 4.41 miles but did it in a pretty speedy 60 minutes.  Afterward I went to another grocery store and picked up all kinds of delicious fresh items for dinner and healthful snacking during the week.  After I got back home, I made the most delicious dinner and enjoyed eating it outside – the weather here has been just incredible!!!!

p.s. I did learn how to post pictures, but can you believe I have NO photos from the weekend?  My bad – I’ll try harder next time.

That’s my weekend – soooo fun!  What was the highlight of your weekend?

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  1. LOVE the new header on your page - so fun! Sounds like you had an awesome weekend!

    The highlight of my weekend was spending 3 hours yesterday pulling off a "fall party" for our homeowners association. We haven't had much luck in the past so it was great to see all the hard work come to fruition with a good turn-out. And of course time with my kids and hubby was a nice bonus! :)