Saturday, April 3, 2010

Chapter 2 page 43 - wk 4/4 goals

Keeping in mind, my 3 month goals -
1. Break the sugar addiction so that it doesn't rule my life.
2. Exercise 240-300 minutes a week.
3. Reduce my portion size and eat more of the proportion of foods I'm suppose to (i.e. 7 oz meat, 3 dairy, 12 svgs cho, 3 fats, etc)
4. Make the "right" (read as "healthy") choice when eating in public, with friends, or family (exceptions are eating out with 3 Elles or my husband in which case I'll use strategies to reduce the potential damage - i.e. eat less, drink less, choose healthier option, etc).
5. Plan healthy weekly menus at least 3 out of 4 weeks each month.

I'm setting the following goals for the week of 4/4:
1. Create a weekly menu and do the grocery shopping all on one day.
Sunday - Chicken pot pie
Monday - Hamburgers on the grill with fresh veggie toppings
Tuesday - Spaghetti with Cesar salad
Wednesday - Chicken fried rice (Curves recipe) & chicken veggie pot stickers
Thursday - Eating out with the 3 Elles
Friday - Fritos taco salad
Saturday - TBD

2. Go to the gym on Monday and Friday (this is the goal I'm LEAST excited about).

3. Go to an aerobics class on Tuesday.

4. Spend at least 45 minutes on Wednesday doing 2 minutes & 2 minutes walk/jog.

5. Be mindful of portion sizes during meals.

Wish me luck!!! What are you focusing on during the upcoming week? I'm your biggest cheerleader and have every confidence you will do well!!!

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