Sunday, April 25, 2010

Chapter 2 page 49 - remember when. . .

First, if you didn't read page 47 or page 48, please be sure to - page 47 is going to be an amazing event you HAVE to be part of and page 48 shows that I have officially cracked up!!!!!!!

I've titled this post "Remember when . . . " -

Why the title - well, after thinking through the post for page 48 and having my husband gone for the week, I've really thought that this week could be a jump start to the life I really want (fitness, healthier eating, weight loss, smaller clothes, feeling amazing about myself and my physical accomplishments). That said, I have 4 groups of friends taking me out to celebrate my birthday - that's a lot of calories and less evening exercise time.

Back to the title - I have been thinking about the time from 1998-2001 when I was 100 pounds less than I am now. Although I honestly think I've blocked much of the exercise part out of my memory, whatever I did back then worked - I was HOT!!! I want to do that stuff again.

A bit more about the title - last week my sweaty BFF sent me a motivational email detailing things that she did when she was thinner that worked. They were logical and very much do-able. So why don't I just do them???? I think it's come down to laziness!!!!

Many of you reading were thinner "back in the day" - remember when? What things did you do during that time that led you to be that way? Any idea why you stopped doing them? If you have returned to doing them - what motivated you to dig back in?

For me . . .
1. I ate "boring" food - carrots and hummus seem to come to mind as one of the things I would take with me wherever I went as a snack. Dinner was a chicken breast and rice and broccoli more often than anything else - I think I remember.

2. I ate small snacks every couple of hours.

3. I exercised for at least 45 minutes almost everyday. I would walk and carry my golf clubs for 18 holes several days a week. I would get up early in the morning to run along the Ft. Monroe sea wall at dawn - it was an amazing view and to think it had been there since the civil war - pretty fantastic!

4. I went to a gym everyday either to run on the treadmill, lift weights, or swim.

5. I was preparing for Basic Training for the Army - that'll motivate you to go for the run today. ----- do you think my goal for walking/jogging the half-marathon would be significant enough to keep me moving forward???

What about you? What things did you used to eat or do "back then"?

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