Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chapter 2 page 164 - TR 62 30 seconds

Frequent readers know the 3 Musketeers use the Jeff Galloway's run-walk-run method for both training and racing. "L" and I started out using 2:2 and LOVED it (that was back before we knew that intervals were a "real" thing). We used that interval for over a year. When "C" joined our training sessions, we slowly worked our way up to 3:1 and then backed down to 2:1 and have found that intervals of 2:10/1 - 2:30/1 suit us best for now.

A couple of weeks ago, "C" and I read an article that said Jeff Galloway had paced a group of marathoners using a 30 second running & 30 second walking interval through the full 26.2 miles. They finished in 5 hours. "C" and I wondered how it would feel to do such short intervals. The 3 of us tried it out tonight during a 4 miler. Here's what I thought of it:

- it's quick
- the transition is easier (there aren't the few steps needed to work out the "kinks" that we usually have with longer intervals)
- it's definitely less taxing on the cardiovascular system


- the timer beeps very frequently (I would need a timer that only beeps once per interval rather than the 5 seconds I have it set to beep for currently)
- it's a mental thing to have to do 7-8 interval cycles rather than the 2-3 that we are used to doing with the longer intervals; it just felt as if it took forever to get to the next 1/2 mile marker
- it was harder to get into a rhythm/pace than when we do longer intervals
- I found myself looking at my watch often to see how much longer we had to walk or run; I've worked hard to wean myself off of constantly looking at my watch during the longer intervals (that was REALLY hard for me to do)


  1. The change in intervals is interesting. It would definitely mix it up. Will you do it again?

  2. interesting... sounds like it would be fun mixing it up every 30 seconds... do you think you'll switch to using the 30 second intervals or keep your 2:1?