Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Chapter 2 page 165 - Upcoming Trail Race

For the Northeastern Indiana folks-
-Are you looking for a challenge?
-Are you looking to spice things up in your training and/or running?
-Have you ever done a trail run?
-Have you avoided trail runs because you have never done one or are scared?
-Do you love nature in the Fall?
-Could you benefit from the motivation that comes along with a group run pushing you to complete a challenging run?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this post is for you!!!!

On Saturday, November 6th at 10:00 a.m. is the W.O.O.F. Race.

W = Wells (that's the county it's held in)
O = Outrageous (because the distance is a little nuts)
O = Ouabache (that's the name of the state park it's held in)
F = Fifteen (that's the distance - kind of - it's 15.9 miles which is closer to 16 miles, but that would have made it the WOOS and no one is going to do a WOOS race)

Top 10 Reasons to do this race:
1. It's a pretty flat trail and is a GREAT beginner trail course.
2. It's a smaller race (= great chance to win your age group).
3. It's extremely well organized.
4. Post race grub is amazing (bison burgers, bison brewing company beer, and usually veggie soup and some light dessert like cookies).
5. Post race atmosphere is awesome - roaring fire in the shelter's fireplace, plenty of food and drinks and socializing with really nice people.
6. Bluffton is only 30 minutes south of FW (and there's no fee to enter the state park this time of year).
7. It's soooo beautiful with the fall trees, smells, and temperature.
8. "C" and I are running it, "L" is serving the beer (or so that is the rumor). - love to meet you.
9. There are 3 different races to choose from (1 lap = 5.3 miles; all 3 laps = 15.9 miles; 3 person relay each doing 1 lap)
10. It doesn't start until 10 a.m. (yeah - sleeping in at least longer than those summer races that start at 7 - uggg!)

Consider joining us for this very unique and fun race.


  1. Did you write this for me? I thought about it my entire run this a.m. after reading the post. Is the trail runnable? As in, could I hack this for 16 miles?

  2. @ Kimberly -
    I answered your question by a comment on your blog, but I may have not answer the question about is it runnable. Yes, the path is runnable. Just watch for roots, but yeah, my boss and I ran this route last year. "C" and I did our run/walk a few weeks ago - EASY (just gotta watch the ground).

  3. Sounds like a fun one. Next year... maybe :) Too much too soon for me to try. The post-race fare does sound great though!