Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chapter 2 page 33 - Friends

What a fantastically beautiful weekend!!!!! I'm so bummed that it is nearly over, but . . . I'm so grateful for the gift of warm sunshine.

A couple of posts ago I talked about joining a race. I noticed none of you had any comment about that - I don't blame you - it was a hard sell, but in case you want to jump into a race but want someone to join you - just let me know - I'm game!!!! Or if you want some suggestions on which races to join - I can help with that too.

I mention the racing post because the point of that post was "what do you have to lose?" - the third installment of posts with that title. I had a unique opportunity on Saturday to try something that I would have previously never considered doing - but I sort of a jumped in with both feet given my recent postings. On Saturday, my "Spring Into Training" group had a 90 minute session called "Get To Know The YMCA". It consisted of learning about the benefits of cross-training (30 minutes), Zumba (30 minutes), and then 30 minutes of something that I've heard a lot about but dismissed as something I would hate - Spinning. I have heard people in various aspects of my life recently (last 6 months) discuss how much they LOVE spinning and how anyone, even people like me, could do it and have fun.

Wanting to be part of the S.I.T. group, and appreciative of the opportunity to try Spinning, I mounted bike #1 and started pendeling. After 3 minutes my tooshie hurt so bad-after 10 minutes I thought it was going to break - after 15 minutes someone said it would soon go numb and not to worry. At 17 minutes, I couldn't take it any more. My hands were hurting, my tooshie was hurting, my legs were going to fall off, I was sweating like a champ, and I quit!!!! I absolutely hated every single second of it. Sadly, I failed at spinning. I was appreciative to my supportive S.I.T. group mates who encouraged me along the way, but wow - spinning is definitely NOT for me (unless I can get a super cushy seat and padded handle bars).

When I left I ran into a Y employee who has become a friend. She asked if I was okay and I said, "yes, but spinning isn't my friend." She said without hesitation - "That's okay, Zumba can be your friend." I thought, yeah, Zumba can be my friend. Thanks "N"!

After the "Get to Know the YMCA" session, I had to ride in the car to Indy yesterday, sit in a 3 hour movie, sit on wooden bar stoles for dinner, and then drive home again - my tooshie was soooooo sore. When I woke up this morning and sat up in bed - OMG - I had totally forgotten overnight, until I sat up - WOW!!!!! Sore Sore Sore tooshie!!!!!!!!!!

So - I've learned that spinning isn't my friend, but Zumba is. I'm in the market for new friends. What are some of your old friends? Found any new friends, lately?

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