Saturday, March 13, 2010

Chapter 2 page 34 - plan B

Hello everyone! I noticed it has been a week since I updated this blog - I'm so sorry for the delay. Where did the week go? Wow!!!!!

I'm considering some very aggressive fitness goals - just in case I may be forced to chose a different career path.

I'm thinking about working out 1-2 hours a day (of course, I'll have to work up to that) which will help me lose weight (cross my fingers - I hope). I'm thinking about becoming certified to teach Zumba (3-6 months from now) and maybe a few other types of aerobic classes too so that maybe I could teach some classes at churches, at factories/companies, or even to personalized groups (like large families or social clubs) etc.

It surely wouldn't be my first life plan, but I'm thinking about a sort of plan B should the need arise.

I welcome your thoughts - if it's a dumb idea, please tell me. If you have other suggestions for how I can share my love of health with others - please share them with me.

Right now - this is just something I'm thinking about, but I do think a plan B is going to be very important for me to have in place!

Have a great week!

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