Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chapter 2 page 37 - computer drama

Hello everyone.

So . . . I had this urgent need for accountability with my week's goals and on Monday when I went to report my awesome progress - poof, my computer goes dead. I had it over to my computer-genius husband and he says "it's broken. You need a new one!" Oh my - really???? So in the middle of my awesome accountability post on Monday - I was left without accountability and as a result - I did poorly with my goals. It's not all my computer's fault, work played a park in it too, and also I had one of those weeks where I had to go to FW several times during dinner time so what's a girl to do - eat out! Ugggg!

My wonderful husband picked out a new computer for me and ordered it though I paid for it. I have to say I love my husband, but hate the computer he picked up. So . . . even though I've had this computer for a few days - I've been depressed (how pathetic does it sound that the world is in turmoil and I'm upset about the type of computer my husband chose for me? I know - VERY so I'm coming around and using it with as much gratitude as I can muster in my heart).

Next week - I hope to do better.

My goals for next week:

1.) Attend aerobic class on Monday and Tuesday.
2.) Go to the gym on Wednesday and Friday.
3.) Participate in Spring Into Training on Tuesday.
4.) Using the week's menu I created and grocery shopped for today, be mindful of my portion size.

Wish me luck! Good luck to all of you as well. Have a great week!

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