Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chapter 2 page 234 - cookie

I'm not Catholic, but here's my confession . . .

Forgive me bloggers for I have strayed. I have become weak and given in to a cookie temptation. My husband brought home these thick, moist, soft, (and super delicious) apple cinnamon cookies. I resisted for 3 days, but late last night after counting up my daily calories I gave in and enjoyed 1 cookie (I broke it half hoping to just eat 1/2, but who can eat half of a cookie????)! I'm weak! In my defense my FAV chocolate cakes (frosted and filled -OMG!) are only made for Valentine's day and they have been in the little market that I have gone to 6 times since I began this lifestyle revolution. I have resisted them and will continue to do so. I indulged in 1 delicious cookie and that will have to be enough for another couple of weeks.
Have I let you down?


  1. NO! In my opinion (and many agree) you can't COMPLETELY take sweets out of your diet. If you do that, the next time you sneak a chocolate chip you end up eating the whole bag. The trick is moderation. ONE cookie now and again, just the way you did it. You paid attention to what you'd eaten all day and realized that ONE cookie would be ok. I like to use sweets as a little reward after a good workout or long day.

  2. I think saying no sweets at all is too much. You have to treat yourself once in a while, just don't eat brownies 25/7 like I did two weeks ago.

    Portion control. You have not sinned here. LOL.

  3. How could you let me down? Seriously?

    You are not going to live your life without cookies. It would be wrong. Just wrong. It's learning to have just one and not six. It's having it once a week and not three times a day. You are doing so GOOD.

  4. No, no, no...everyone deserves a little break. Moderation is the key!! :)