Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chapter 2 page 235 - big ol' waste of time & money

First, thanks to everyone for your nice (and funny - Kimberly) comments! I felt badly because my goal was 30 days without dessert, but 12 days is still really an amazing accomplishment for me and tonight, when my husband asked me if I wanted one - I was able to decline with confidence.

Second, a knee & foot update. Because the pain was sharp, severe, and came on suddenly, I was a little more worried about these issues than other things that I've experienced that are more obviously tendinitis or whatever. I went to the ortho doc who I know as a runner knowing he wasn't the best choice of all time, but was a fair choice for an initial visit (especially since he is local). What did he say? Pretty much nothing. Told me to double up on my Aleve to the prescription strength and not run for a little while (no specific length of time). No diagnosis, no indication of what it isn't (even if he couldn't tell me what it was, I would have loved to hear "it's not your ACL or MCL or a tear"), no treatment plan other than more Aleve and come back in 2 weeks for an Xray if it's not better. I showed him my shoes and asked if maybe it could be because of them - his response, "maybe or maybe not." I asked 4 different times (in 4 different ways) for a referral to physical therapy (for strapping, for strengthening, for stretching, and flat out for just plain ol' rehab). He said "not at this time". He told me I could walk for fitness (what?!? I can't walk pain free down the hall for my job let alone miles for fitness). So . . . I went there already taking 2 Aleve daily, icing, and not running. I walked out of there with pretty much the same advice (except 4 Aleve). Hmmmm - what a waste of time and money!!!! I suppose the good news is that it wasn't obviously broken, or requiring a cast/boot or total cessation of running forever. . . I guess that's something.

Finally, check out my healthy and delicious dinner. Remember those extra veggies from my stir fry dinner on Monday night? Tonight, I put them in a skillet with some eggs, scrambled them together - YUM! My husband made it into a burrito with a whole wheat tortilla (left over from our Super Bowl buffalo tacos). I toasted a whole wheat bagel thin (those are just darn delicious!). I ended dinner with a 1/2 cup mandarin oranges and 1/2 banana . . . my husband ended dinner with an apple-cinnamon cookie.

What did you have for dinner tonight?


  1. yum!! I love eggs scrambled with veggies. Dinner tonight is - surprsise - leftover stew. :)

  2. I had a load of kale and barley! LOL. I will post a photo later.

    On your doc... what kind of doc was this?! Is he a friend? You said he charged you so... I assume not.

    I guess I don't really know what an ortho doc is. The guy I saw was a sports medicine doctor which is the type of doc I saw recommended by Runner's World. Maybe find one them for next time?