Friday, February 25, 2011

Chapter 2 page 247 - knee update

Knee recap:
A couple of weeks ago, my right knee began to hurt during a Friday 5 miler, then after resting the weekend, it hurt even worse during a Monday 3 miler. I went to see an orthopeadic surgeon who told me to take 4 Aleve daily and come back if it wasn't better. My PT friend gave me some strengthening exercises to do which really seemed to help. I rested a week, and was feeling better. "C" and I went out for a 4 miler (the following Wednesday) and it once again returned to hurting.

Knee update:
My knee doesn't hurt much in the course of my daily activities which is awesome. I haven't run for 9 days (mostly due to weather which has left us flooded, iced, and snowed in). . . and I was resting my knee of course (wink!). Yesterday, I went to the chiropractor (actually it was my 2nd visit since I originally hurt my knee) - I had an hour hot rock massage (oh sweet goodness - totally treat yourself to one of these right away!!!!) My awesome massage therapist Ashley said that the muscle on the outside of my knee was soooooo tight that it likely pulled the fibia out of place which is likely contributing to my knee pain. She massaged the outside of my knee for about 20 minutes and I nearly cried because it hurt so badly! I then saw the chiropractor who adjusted the lower leg bones. The chiropractor wasn't certain that they would continue to stay in place if I returned to running. (sigh) As she was working on the area, I had this feeling as if I have gone through a similar issue before. Afterward I spoke to my PT friend who said "remember last year I did MOB for that area???" Well (honestly) - no, I don't remember MOB (or whatever that really is) and I guess I only vaguely remember this whole thing was an issue, but . . . yeah, I do remember it hurting there last year (can't remember the details though). Oh well, so . . . at the present it feels a bit better and there is at least a plan (more massage next week, more PT exercises and stretches next week, warm moist heat rather than ice, and maybe changing my shoes AGAIN).

Knee future -
"C" and I are suppose to run/walk a 5K tomorrow and we will be taking it nice and easy using our 2:2 interval - just a training run and our return to racing. Should be a great time! I'll have a much better sense of my knee after that race. If it hurts the same, then I'll be choosing a different ortho surgeon to visit. If it feels better, then I'll stick with my massage and PT plan.


  1. Massage and chiro are good investments for keeping your body loose and all your bones in alignment. I'd also recommend buying a foam roller to massage out your muscles at home (massage visits can get pricey!).

  2. Oh... definitely look into some strength-building exercises for your leg muscles. This will also help with good alignment.

  3. hopefully the massages really help and make your knee feel better! Good luck tomorrow! keeping my fingers crossed that hte knee doesn't hurt a lot! :)

  4. Where exactly is the knee pain? I have a lot of experience with injuries! :) Always better to rest than to push things - but I am interested to hear what the therapist thinks the issue is? If you need any suggestions I am here! I am also registering for the Geist Half to meet and run with you ladies! I have started a Triathlon/Masters Team in Westfield. Check out our blog and add us to FB