Monday, February 14, 2011

Chapter 2 page 241 - Ten

Since 1/28's wake up call, my lifestyle revolution has really been going great (minus the absence of exercise due to my knee - but it's feeling better and better everyday!). I wanted to check in and tell everyone that I have lost 10 pounds!!! 10 pounds . . . woo hoo!!! I am super excited about my success to this point and I notice I feel a LOT better.

cue the confetti

Here's are the highlights of my nutritional success:
1. I get at least 5 (usually closer to 9 sometimes even more) servings of fruits and veggies EVERY day. There were days in the past I would not even get one serving in. Yeah! I'm working hard to eat a rainbow of colors and being mindful of ways that I can add fruit or veggies to a meal or snack. (truth be told, I don't even hate it!)

2. No seconds at dinner! I have only had seconds at dinner once since 1/28. It used to be a nightly routine.

3. Limit "crap" in my diet (sweets were totally my downfall previously!). I had a piece of strawberry cake on Saturday (it was the first of 3 birthday celebrations for my husband). It was delicious. I enjoyed it. I didn't feel guilty for eating it. Most impressively, I limited it just that one piece. It was a big victory for me!

4. I have really been paying attention to nutrition labels and the presence of white flour and anything not "whole". It is still in my diet (a little), but I'm very mindful of what I eat and ensure that as often as possible, I choose whole grains. Although I've always known to eat whole grains, since I got married, I have allowed my husband's bread preference dictate what I eat - NOT.ANY.MORE! I'm putting my health first!

5. Water versus soda. I used to drink a LOT of diet mt. dew and diet coke. My overall diet make over has subtly changed my drinking habits too (completely unintentional and unexpected). Because I know I need to drink water with meals and snacks I just grab a bottle of water these days instead of a can (or 2 or 3) of soda. I still have soda when I eat at Quiznos but that's FAR less than the multiple cans (maybe 6) I used to consume EVERY day!

Well, now you have it. My weekly weigh check in . . . 10 pounds less.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!!


  1. wow, wow, wow! That is SO GREAT!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great job! Keep it up! WOOHOO!

    I used to eat white bread and the Hubz turned me on to the whole grain there!!

    Watch out on sodas, I have been reading how even zero cal soda is really BAD for us. Like all kinds of chemicals.

  3. BOO YAH!!!!
    Great Job Lisa!!! It's a lifestyle not a diet!
    Keep up the awesomeness!!