Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chapter 2 page 242 - off the rails

Thanks everyone for your awesome comments on my "ten" post. I had decided that as a celebration for each 10 pounds I would eat a SMALL quiznos sub (I promise the quiznos post will actually be coming your way THIS WEEK!) - I used to eat the regular size but NEVER again! I wanted to eat it yesterday to celebrate, but then I thought I better wait to see how I get through Valentine's Day. Having made it through Valentine's day without doing any damage, I elected to "celebrate" with a small sub on Tuesday. It was under 500 calories, but quite a bit of fat.

I really didn't feel badly for indulging in this (maybe I should have) - but I thought since I used to eat a regular sized sandwich several times a week but since 1/28 I have eaten only soup and salad at Quiznos that it would be an appropriate reward. Before everyone gets upset with me, I do know it's important to use non-food rewards and I will definitely use a non-food reward for my next 1o pounds as this simply ended up being a bad idea.

So, I was feeling really good about losing 10 pounds, having a sandwich . . . and then I went to the MOST AMAZING bakery with my co-workers. Sweet mercy - YUM!!!! The 3 of us shared a bite or two of various things. I still felt okay about doing this. A bite or two of a couple of items was a great way to try things, but without doing a lot of damage. THEN . . . I purchased some things to bring home to my husband . . . with the intention of sharing each of the items. That too was alright. We shared a piece of Du Monde cake (orgasmic, simply orgasmic!). The picture below is not really a picture of what I ate, but it looks similar.

Again, not worrying too much about this - I felt in control. THEN my husband took me out to eat for dinner. This is where I failed BIG TIME!!! I really was going to be "good". I knew I needed to reign it in for the day. I was so close to ordering a grilled chicken breast, veggie soup, and side salad. Dang - I REALLY wish I would have gone that direction then I could be posting about my success, BUT . . .

I completely made a terrible choice!. If this was the only "bad" choice for the day, it probably would be more acceptable, but when combined with the rest of the crap I had chosen to eat all day - it spelled D.I.S.A.S.T.E.R!!!! I opted for what's called a "cowboy burger". Dang - it's delicious. It's a quarter pounder (weight before cooking) 1 slice of cheese, lettuce, pickles, tomatoes (but I took them off), bacon, BBQ sauce, and ranch. It's suppose to have one onion ring on top, but (thankfully) they were out of onion rings. I opted for veggie soup as my side rather than french fries or something else. So, my side was a smarter (and super delicious) choice!

I'm pretty disappointed in my yesterday and have now taken a hard look at how I could have done things differently and what I can do to avoid the "chaos" in the future. It was a day of super temptation and I failed the test. Next time - I'll do better, I'll be better, I'll make better choices!

Hope I didn't let you all down with this reckless day!


  1. Oh NOOOO!!! The Cowboy Burger... was it Applebees?

    You need to treat yourself but limit the treats and not several in one day. Great job on confessiong your indiscretions though!

    Next time save your Quiznos money and buy a new piece of workout gear :)

    Also, if you know what restuarant you are going to, you can look up the nutritional menu online before you get there. That helps me out!

  2. I would rather eat REALLY bad 1 day then to spread it out over several days. You sound like me!


  3. It is all about picking back up and getting back to it....don't continue to make bad choices. That is what is hard for bad day and it is hard to pick it back up. Forgive and move on!

  4. I commend you for "fessing up" you have now made yourself accountable. Now tells us about your next day. Re-evaluate and begin again! It is all about getting back on the horse pardner! Excuse my pun.... you know, Cowboy burger.