Monday, February 6, 2012

Chapter 2 page 532–Weekly recap

To be honest, I was COMPLETELY dreading this post – I felt as if I had nothing but FAILS to report.  I was hanging my head in shame wishing that things would have been different – better, last week, but . . . . then I weighed myself this morning and (deep breath) DOWN 2.6 pounds – BOOYAH!!!!  I had been struggling with gaining and loosing the same one pound 3 times the last 3 weeks but not this morning – BAM – it’s finally gone and so is its 1.6 pound friend too!  So without further ado, here is the full disclosure of my less than stellar week -

Week of January 29, 2012

Sunday – I was 500 calories over my allotment – total fail on the diet; so disappointing

Monday – 17 calories under my goal (woo, cue the music and confetti – NOT!)

Tuesday – Oh yes, yes I did a 2 for Tuesday doubling up workout – body pump (increased the amount of weight I used for the back and biceps tracks – woo hoo, getting stronger) and a low intensity zumba class; was 288 calories above my daily allotment –sigh

Wednesday – I was 500 calories over the goal and swear I feel like this is impossible.

Thursday – I was 93 calories under my goal – whoopie! 

Friday – I was 209 calories below my goal – that’s mo’ like it!

Saturday –  Gigantic fail; I had planned to go to my normal double dose of Saturday fitness and then go to an urgent care center because I had been sick with another respiratory thingy, but after 20 minutes of driving in a freak snow storm (that was forecasted the night before to be “only rain and absolutely no snow accumulation” – liars!) and only getting about 12 miles up the road, I thought I would be better off to turn around and just go to the doctor’s office instead – and that’s what I did.  Got an array of meds and started feeling better later in the day!; I was also 200 calories under my goal – yippee! (the photo below is my driveway as I prepared to leave a full 65 minutes before the class was to start)


How was your week:  thumbs up or thumbs down?

Those of you who are diligent about tracking your calories and loosing weight – what factors do you think impact your weekly weight the most?  Stress – either more or less than usual, salt, time of the month, hydration, adherence to calories, amount of exercise, other?  I ask because last week was a LOT less stressful than the previous 3 weeks have been and I lost – coincidence or real connection?


  1. It just isn't an easy formula for me. I just have to keep at it and my body responds. What do you have your calories set at? If its already set with a calorie deficit to lose weight make sure you eat back exercise calories. Maybe your allotment isn't enough. You don't want to set yourself up for failure!

  2. For me - I have counted calories for years. For me it is about the quality of food. Not organic vs non organic - but processed vs non processed. As well as eliminating any sort of processed carbs...the better I do.

    I have also been struggling lately as I do really good 5 days a week then have to days where I struggle right in a row and then I have to work back to get the weight off I gained on eating processed crap. My body feels better when I eat full fat non processed foods and lots of fruit and veggies.

    I also wouldn't worry about going over your calories on days that you do double workouts. I assume you are not adjusting your calorie range on those days? When I used the BodyBugg...I just ate my calories and tried my best to have a defiecit ever day. Of course now my problem is this last 40lbs. My body is so happy in this range I am at....I feel like I am fighting for every single once.

    We will get there. 2012 is our year!

  3. It's complicated for me too. PMS? All bets are off. And I'm ALWAYS way hungry the day after a tough workout....

  4. You are obviously doing something right to see the scale go down. And, if anything, maybe the up and down is confusing your body and helping the weight loss. (Google "Wendie Plan" and WW for explanation.) And, Saturday ... a fail? Uh, no. Mother Nature = fail. If it snows one more time on a Saturday, I'm going to throatpunch Curtis Smith. AND, if you were going to have to go to urgent care, you shouldn't have been going to class. I'm a mom and I can say mom things like that ;)

    P.S. Mr. Miles is coming to dinner on Saturday. Have you narrowed down options? I have coupons for Chili's.

  5. Congrats, way to go on 2.6 pounds down. That's a great loss for a week! And, yes, the snow kind of sucked this weekend. I had planned to run outside, instead I was stuck on a treadmill. I guess at least I am starting to get used to it!

  6. Congrats! When I was losing weight I found that salty/sweet snacks at night always meant no weight loss.