Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Chapter 2 page 533–Skinny Super Bowl

G.I.A.N.T.S – woo hoo!  Alright, you have to understand, I’m a Colts fan (and for the record, a Redskins and Ravens fan too) and the game was in Indy – I can’t possibly cheer for the Patriots – I’m sure the universe would implode or something.

Super Bowl = Snacks . . . BUT I’m trying to loose weight so . . . . this year, our snacks were “healthified” and Super Delicious!  All of the recipes, except the cheeseball and sliders, came from SkinnyTaste.  I’ve given the link to each item – just click on the item name and enjoy!

Go ahead, scroll through the photos, but no drooling Smile 

1.  Cheeseball and 2 types of Triscuts (not homemade or healthy, but a staple so at least the crackers were whole grain).

2.  Buffalo Chicken Dip served with celery and baked scoops (I honestly preferred using the celery over the chips – shocking!).  It was spicy and perfect.  I love hot wings and this was an easy-to-eat and yummy healthier option.

3.  Baked Onion Rings – WOW – amazing – if you like onion rings, but are afraid of the calories – these are a winner!!!

4.  Mozzarella Sticks with Quick Marinara – out.of.this.world! 

5.  Sliders – I don’t touch raw meat (a random fact about me) – so I use a silicone 1/3 measuring cup and fill the measuring cup with 93% ground round and then pop them out of the measuring cut  . . . perfect sized sliders.

6.  Pumpkin Pie Dip paired with apples and cinnamon graham crackers (my husband also dipped his with ginger snap cookies) – this is exceptional.  I really love it with apples.



  1. yum,yum,yum!!!!! I forgot to tell you that I tagged you in my Random 11 things about me last week!

  2. Love your food options. I also love buffalo flavored things w/ celery. It just works.

  3. ok dumb question from the Ozzie ... what is Buffalo Chicken dip ... what goes in it?

  4. Yum! All these snacks look amazing - and honestly, wouldn't consider any to be "super healthy" - just DELICIOUS!