Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Chapter 2 page 544–Triple Tuesday

Tonight I did 3 group fitness classes . . . and had.a.blast!!!!!!

I left my house super psyched about the evening’s full on fitness fun!  Ohh, and that bondi band says “Sweat is my fat crying” – Buckets of tears were shed tonight!  Ha!

100_2646 I even braided my pony tail into 3 sections (with matching bands) – yeah, I’m all crazy like that!100_2652

My first class – Zumba!  The regular teacher was sick so there was a sub, Katie.  Katie was my boot camp teacher back in December.  She’s just plain amazing.  She’s so motivating and an awesome athlete.  I grabbed a quick photo with her after class!


My second class was, of course, Body Pump!!!  Woo Hoo – I love me some ‘pump!!!!!!  Our teacher tonight was Corey – he’s a lot of fun.  I hadn’t done track 79 in awhile, but was so happy that for the first time since I started back at BP, I did 3/4 of the lunges and used weight!  Lunges have killed me and I’m not sure why – but . . . tonight I showed them who was boss!!!!  I also increased my weight for the chest track.  I struggled a little with the bicep track and felt kind of bummed I missed a few reps – but thankfully not too many.  “C” and her oldest daughter “K” were in class which always makes it a LOT of fun!!!!

100_2658100_2660So these next 2 photos – on the left is a picture of my sweat mark after we did the triceps track.  YES.I.WAS.SWEATY.   The photo on the right is “C” and I screwing around after class.  She said, “WOW, you’re sweaty!”.  UMMM – what????  You’re not????  NOPE, “C” wasn’t sweaty at all after ‘pump!  That’s incredible.  I had a sweat lake in front of my bench from where I dripped during push ups. 


I grabbed a quick photo with our teacher Corey after class.   His shirt says “Motivate-Dominate”!  I like that – might have to write that on my arm for the next half marathon!!!!


I’ve been going to this gym for Boot Camp, Circuit Training, Zumba, Body Pump, and Turbo Kick since December.  I’ve met a lot of fun people.  Tonight, Dana hung with me for ‘pump and my 2nd Zumba class.  She’s so nice!  Forgive my cheesy smile – doesn’t Dana look like she hasn’t done a darn thing?  Incredible!

100_2664Finally, I ended the night with a second Zumba class.  I hadn’t been sure I really wanted to do a 3rd class, but then I thought – why not?  So . .  I stuck it out.  The teacher was Nicole and she made me feel amazing.  At the start of the class I yelled, “I’m new to your class.”  She yelled  back, “I’m Nicole and I’m so happy you’re here!”  What a great thing to say to someone.  She smiled the entire time and just proved that fitness CAN be fun!  Doesn’t’ she just look super happy? 


Stay tuned – the next 2 nights are going to be filled with fitness as well.  Tomorrow, Kimberly and I are going to do a circuit class and also Turbo Kick.  On Thursday, “C” and I are going to do a short run and then do ‘pump!  Can’t wait!  Skinny jeans here I come!  Ha!

Are 3 classes too many to do in one night?  I live 40 minutes from the gym and with $4 gas prices, I feel like it’s important to do as much as I can (2 classes seems reasonable, 3 might be too many especially since I was gone from home for 5 hours)

If you could snap your finger and do whatever group fitness classes you wanted, what would you choose?  I would like to try TRX – we don’t have it within an hour’s drive of my home.  SAD!  I like anything to do with water.  I like swimming and water aerobics.  I’ve taught MANY water aerobics classes and would love to have a chance to do it again.  Alas, there are no indoor pools in my small town (except at the school – but it’s only for students).   I would also like a trampoline class.  I have been reading a lot about it and think it would just be fun!


  1. Awesome job...three classes!?!? You are amazing!!! :)

  2. oh my goodness girl that is crazy! I have done Spin and then Kickboxing class - back to back and I about died. I can't imagine 3 back to back!

  3. Holy shit, woman! YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR. I can't wait for tonight.

    Ditto on the TRX. I'd also love to try spinning, a pole class and cross fit.

  4. Amazballs!!! You will be in the skinnies in no time! Love the three braid hair too cute - and I want your bondi bands we don't have them and considering bondi is here we should! Im quite happy to do 2 classes but think my boys would get the cranks on if I was out for three - maybe they wouldn't even notice? Are you wearing a heart rate / calorie monitor? I bet you burned a gazillion calories. I've done Trx and it is hard - it was before the stupid back and I thought I was super fit apparently I wasn't!! My trainer won't let a class be finished now until my calories are at 600 for the 45-55 mins - think I might be losing a couple of friends...