Saturday, February 25, 2012

Chapter 2 page 543–Super Saturday

First, THANK YOU for all of your comments in helping me to celebrate some recent victories.  13 comments –that’s the most I have ever had – woo.  You all are super sweet.  I hope that there will be many more posts about victories.

Today was a fantastic day!  I LOVE group fitness classes!  I LOVE hanging out with friends!  I absolutely LOVE combing friends and fitness!  Today, “C” and her daughter “K”, and my bestie bloggie friend Kimberly from HealthyStrides did Body Pump. 


Now, I’m still very much dealing with a horrible cough, but I decided that I didn’t care any more – I went to class anyway (sorry to everyoen around me who I’m sure thought they were being exposed to the Plague).  I did take a short break during Pump class to rest and catch my breath . . . and take a self photo (I mean why not?  Who doesn’t take a self photo during Pump class?).  CHEESE!


After Pump, Kimberly and I stayed for Zumba.  It was taught by our Pump teacher and MAN.WAS.IT.A.GREAT.CLASS!!!!!  There’s easily 80 people in the class.


Our teacher, Lauren, is amazing!  She’s excellent!  That’s her in the background (wearing orange) of my self photo above and her on the right in the photo below.  Um, yes, she actually changed clothes between Pump and Zumba – who does that?!


Of course there was a post class photo (so glad Kimberly humors me) – that’s not a peace sign, baby – that’s a 2 for TWO CLASSES – woo –go us!


After class, Kimberly, her most adorable son, and I went to McAllisters  Deli for a healthy and delicious lunch.  Afterward, we hit up Old Navy where Kimberly shared her awesome coupon so I got 2 free t-shirts!  (Thanks Kimberly – sooooo much fun!!!)


Kimberly scored BIG time.  She picked up 2 free tanks with her coupon, an adorable winter coat for under $10 (originally $90), and the.cutest.hat.ever for her son for under $3 (originally $10).  SCORE!


Such a fun day!!!!!  Kimberly wrote up a fantastic recap of the day’s events.  Click HERE to read all about it! 

Ohhh and on a side note . . . I think the 2 classes actually helped my cough (I don’t think I’ve coughed quite as hard or as much the rest of the day as I was before and during class – yay!). 

What was the best part of your weekend?


  1. Two classes!?!? You are awesome!!!

  2. 2 classes makes you a ROCK STAR! And I swear, cardio helps my head colds. So as much as I don't feel like it when I am sick, I force myself to try, because 9 times out of 10 it makes me feel better.

    SO glad you got to go shopping - how fun!

  3. great job! I was fairly lazy this weekend, but plan to get in the pool tomorrow morning! I wish i had your discipline!

  4. Pump and Zumba, two of my favorite classes! Body Combat is a very close third!!!! Great job!!!

  5. Awesome job! I've never been to a class with so many people - I bet the atmosphere is so exciting!

  6. Your double class day always sounds fantastic!

  7. Best part of my weekend - hmmmm....that is tough - I am going to with the hot tub after my 10 mile run.