Monday, February 13, 2012

Chapter 2 page 539 –Weekly Recap

Week of February 5th 2012

Sunday – I was 600 calories over my allotment BUT it was Super Bowl Sunday AND all of my game day snacks were made from Skinny Taste recipes.  I know it’s still too many calories, but I still consider this a huge success because I completely changed the way I approached my game day menu. 


Monday –  I was 80 calories under my goal – that’s heading in the right direction.

Tuesday –I was 240 calories under my daily goal – woo! 

Wednesday – I was 200 calories under my daily goal and 1,650 calories under my goal with my extra exercise calories; this was a total success workout day- I did a 45 minute boot camp class followed by an hour kickboxing class – high 5!


Thursday – Well, I completely flopped here (1,000 calories over my goal – but I had some wiggle room since I rocked it on Wednesday)

Friday – I was 186 calories under my goal – woo!

Saturday –  This day was an EPIC exercise day – it started with my normal double dose of group classes (Zumba & Body Pump) in the morning and the Fanny Freezer 5K in the afternoon.  I was 400 calories under my daily goal and 2,000 calories under my goal with the exercise credits.  Myfitnesspal said that if everyday were like today, I’d loose 35 pounds in 5 weeks – wouldn’t that be nice?!?!  But, alas, not everyday can be like today.  Today . .  was extreme!

How was your week:  thumbs up or thumbs down?


  1. I'm not having the greatest week. I've been over calories and having trouble getting in the exercise. I think of the Biggest Loser and no excuses.....I'm working on it:-)

    Great job this week my friend:-)

  2. you killed it! nice work!!

    i am not having a good week... i need to get back with the program!