Sunday, January 2, 2011

Chapter 2 page 217 - here I go again

A year ago, when I started this blog, I would had never considered doing a half marathon (swear, the thought had NEVER even entered my mind - who runs that far???), let alone actually doing two of them. That pretty much sums up 2010 - come to a cross road, choose a new direction. I had a blessed 2010 and hope the goodness continues in 2011. You can read more of my goals in this post (it's written in the form of a letter - probably my most creative post).

Looking ahead, I have committed 2 two more half marathons (Geist & Fort 4 Fitness) with a third one (Big Sur) still under consideration. I swear I would have never dreamed this for my life, but . . . it's my reality for now. So, I will embrace it and enjoy it.

I have a new page at the top of my blog where I posted the training schedule that I hope to use this winter/spring to prepare for the Geist Half Marathon (May 2011). I have decided to use the same training schedule, more or less, that we used to get ready for my first half marathon last spring/summer. It worked out pretty well. I found it on the web HERE but added 6 weeks to make the weekly long run increases a bit more palatable.

The road seems sooooooooo long . . . 18 weeks of this training cycle (winter and spring will be over before this training cycle is complete). After the Geist, then there is 19 weeks before the Fort 4 Fitness and then another 8 weeks before the November 20th Big Sur Half Marathon. A long road indeed!

I hope you'll hang in there with me throughout this training cycle . . . I'll need each of you to celebrate with me, provide advice, and remind me why it's all worth it!

Here's to 2 more weeks of "fun running" before we have to break out the new schedule.


  1. Let the countdown begin! I'm excited to follow your next training cycle and even more excited (and jealous) to know you are considering Big Sur. Good luck!

  2. Wow! What a journey, and with more to come. And thanks for asking about my upcoming residency decision. It's a huge national process, so I don't even submit my rank list until February and we all find out where we "matched" on March 17. So close but so far. Good luck with all your training!

  3. looks like you have a good plan in place! cant wait to follow your training!

  4. I'm thinking about doing Geist again this year too. I ran it last year (as my first (and only) half marathon), and did well... but miles 9-11 were tough on me... kinda hilly (at least more than I'm used to!). Good luck!

  5. Hi there! How are you? Thanks for all the support! I needed it. Now, get on facebook so I can see you more...oh wait, no time because you will be training!