Monday, January 17, 2011

Chapter 2 page 221 - another nothing report

Starting to sound like a broken record over here. Today, I was honesty excited to begin my new training cycle for my May half. Today was suppose to be day one week one. I knew my job could get a little nuts so I even used to map out a 2.5 mile route leaving from and returning to my office so all I had to do was change clothes and walk out my office door. BUT . . . my awesome job (which is easily enough for 2 full time people to do) got in the way. I really hate to blame my job, but in this case - it really was my work that kept me from getting things. My 6-8 hour work day (should have been short because there are 3 14 hour days in a row later this week) became 13 hours. UGGG! I will HAVE to get committed, but my job is going to be extra nuts through the 3rd week of February. I sure would like to do a run so that I could finally have something fun and happy to report about. Please hang in there with me.

Just a little insight - what was today's big work drama?
We had 300 Health Risk Assessment booklets that I had given to the hospital volunteers to help me bubble in over the weekend. I hit the high points with them which included the urgency of using a #2 pencil. Got to work today with a FULL list of urgent things to do - only to find out the volunteers used ink - REALLY?? MY entire day was spent putting out the urgent fires that were already on the list and using a pencil to darken the bubble sheets with a pencil only to cross my fingers and hope it will still work (though, the manufacturer doesn't think it's likely) . . . AND THEY ARE STILL NOT DONE. OMG! Wow - thanks for letting me vent just a quick minute!


  1. I know how that can be. I often end up squeezing in runs on 12-14 hr days. Sometimes it sucks, sometimes it ends up being great. The hardest part is usually getting out the door & starting. Once you get going, it's rare to regret a run. (Much more common to regret not going.) You can do it!

  2. Hello there! Just wanted to let you know that I DID sign up for Geist! I'll be running it with one of my college roommates, and possibly a friend of hers (they're from Indy). I would totally be up for meeting before hand (depending on when... I usually work until 11pm on Friday nights). You can email me at kel (dot) schultz (at) gmail (dot) com. Talk to you later!