Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Chapter 2 page 225 - Senior Night

"C's" youngest daughter "B" is a senior swimmer. I had asked several weeks ago if "C" thought it would be alright if I came to the meet. If you missed my last appearance at one of her meets, click HERE. "C" thought it would be a GREAT idea (or so that's what she told me). Although I was probably a little too sick to be out in pubic (I apologize if anyone gets my illness), I ventured out to see the first half of the meet. I was there to see "B" swim 3 events which she did GREAT in. . . total domination!!! At "half time" each senior was escorted around the pool deck with his/her parent(s) while the superintendent read a blurb about the student's future plans. The coach gave each senior swimmer a beautiful rose. I had the honor of recording the whole thing . . . since I just got the camera - sure hope it turned out. Would HATE to ruin such an important event! "B's" boyfriend "J" is the team manager and is also a senior. He too walked the deck and got a rose. It was fantastic to be there to see the two of them. They are great kids!!!! The whole night was started off with "J" playing the Star Spangled Banner . . . WOW- the guy is truly gifted!!!!! Way to go "J"!!!!!
Best of luck, "B" & "J", at sectionals and state!!!!!!!
Be Amazing!!!!


  1. What a great friend! You came to my daughter's senior night recognition SICK!!! I can't believe that you gave up your nice comfy bed to sit in on hard metal bleachers in a hot chlorinated pool. But then again you are truely amazing! My daughter and "J" loved the embroidered blankets. They will remember you each time they cuddle up in their blankets. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. @ "C" - wouldn't have missed it for the world if I could have anything to say about it. I'm so glad that "B" & "J" like their blankets. I had the BEST time thinking about them and getting it to be the "perfect" gift from me . . .I think it was the "perfect" gift from me! "Be amazing" - what's more Wells L than that?!?!?!