Monday, January 10, 2011

Chapter 2 page 219 - the nothing update

So I had every intention of meeting up with "C" and "L" and going for a walk followed by dinner so we could really plan out our upcoming training. Things have just been so off due to a wide variety of factors and although none of those factors (except the holidays) has concluded, it would just be nice to have something on paper to work from.


15 minutes before I was to meet up I got a call from the vet where my dog has been since Thursday following an ACL repair surgery. I had planned on leaving her there a few more days until she could at least put some weight on her leg and be able to moderately hobble around - BUT the vet stated it would be best if she come home this afternoon (in fact, can you get up here to get her in 45 minutes???? It's a 20 minute drive . . . so much for my run/planning meeting).

I met up with "C" quickly to explain and to give her the race calendar I made up. We sort of planned to meet up on Friday (I still haven't had a chance to try out my new shoes . . . I know I know - I'm completely a waste of oxygen on this planet.

Show of hands who is tired of reading this running blog discussing my dog? I AM!!! Well, please hang in there with me for a few more brief comments over the next several blogs. The vet told me to make a really comfy place and put her on it. He assured me she will just want to lie right there. So that's exactly what I did - I made the most comfy and wonderful area complete with her bowls so she wouldn't have to go far to eat/drink. Want to guess how long she stayed put??? Zero seconds. She wanted to scoot, gimp, barely hop, drag herself all over the house. I was bent over trying to help her and boy does my back hurt. After 40 minutes of smelling every inch of the living room and the patio I thought my back was going to break and that this was a HUGE mistake bringing her home so soon. Well . . . she got so exhausted from her patrol of the area that she has been sleeping for the past 2 hours (NEXT TO THE COMFY SPOT I CREATED . . . NOT ON IT!!! Crazy dog!).

I'm not very motivated to go out in the winter weather alone these days, and my job is going to be REALLY crazy the next 3 weeks, but I will try very hard to get out there and get at least a little mileage under my belt . . . after all "C" and "L" went 4 miles today (not sure if it was all walk or intervals, but nonetheless, I feel so behind in the fitness game - Monday the new training cycle begins so I guess I'll figure it out then at the latest!).

Thanks for still reading this crazy no-running blog!


  1. Just go out and do a mile or so. You will feel better in alot of ways.
    "C" and I had a slow but good time catching up.


  2. Hope your dog feels better soon! No worries, you'll get running again soon.

  3. Awww! I hope Hoosier takes it easy :) Sometimes you have to shift things around as I'm now learning. You have time - no worries!

  4. I agree with "L". It will do you good to go for a walk to take your mind off things. Maybe now that Hoosier is home, she will start feeling better. She just missed her mom! Depending on the snow, Friday is a go.