Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Chapter 2 page 427 - TR 161 How did that happen??

When I was in the army, the officers used to yell at me to BLUF (Bottom line up front) it!  So in honor of my soldier buddies - here's today's recap . . . BLUF style:
miles = 4
pace= 12:55
weather = stunning, perfecto, moi bonito!!!!
posse = "C" and I with "L" meeting us for post-run stretching

The details -
HOLY COW that's unbelievably fast!!!!!!
And guess what?  It didn't feel hard!!!!!!  At all!!!!!!  It felt pretty normal. Why oh why is this eliciting such a reaction from me?  Until just a few months ago (seriously, like until July) - I ran 14:00 m/m every single mile - it was my one and only speed.  I now am a WHOLE MINUTE per mile faster.  WOW!!!!!!  How did that happen?  I guess those torturous runs in the 100* this summer + coming to terms with 4 days a week + some moderate speed work + the support from all you bloggies + my half mary class + my awesome training partners = HUGE IMPROVEMENT!!!!

Let me tell you - if I can continue to get faster I'm more likely to do it more.  Why?  All summer - a 4 mile run would have been at least 75-90 minutes (12 miles used to take 4 hours - that's a huge chunk out of your week when you do a long run, 2 medium runs and a short run) by the time we warm up and cool down and stretch.  Today - our run was OVER in 51:40 AND IT DIDN'T FEEL LIKE I WAS GOING TO DIE.  A few minutes of stretching and we were easily done in an hour (though . .  . there was chatting involved - but it's all good - and fun and well deserved!).  An hour - that's what 3 miles used to take us.  BOOM BOOM POW!!!!!  Wells L is in the running game and getting faster!!!!!

What was the moment when you felt like things were really finally coming together for your running?


  1. CONGRATS on such an amazing run. Now you KNOW you have it in you to run at that pace--you're going to be unstoppable!
    After some great motivation on my post today I took it outside for a run in the rain and I felt amazing--the weather was nice and cool here too, made it so much more enjoyable. I think the first time I realized everything was coming together with running was when I tackled my first 10 mile run. It was by myself, and it just felt great, and I thought "hey, I can totally do this!"
    About my grocery store finds--I promise you my little town is lacking in almost everything, but there is one great store that I normally skip because it's expensive! So I go there every month to pick up "treats" like yummy bars and special flours or veggies. If it's every once in a while I think it's ok to splurge! BUT--yes, I like to spend time in the grocery store. I never rush, ha!

  2. Congrats on the amazing run!!! I don't remember when it felt like it was all clicking. I seem to fall in and out of running love. I hoping to get the clicking feeling again soon.

  3. Way to go on your time!!!
    I remember shaving a minute off my time last Summer... it is sheer sweetnessssss!!! I must have checked my time 5 times!

    I can relate to Jen. I'm an in and out of love runner too. Currently coming out of struggling not-in-love phase again, thankfully!
    Monday my run felt like it started to click again. Oh how I want to be in love again! I ran my course in the opposite direction for the first time and to new music, maybe that was it?

    And to Vanessa... I've just began to embrace running in the rain. I love it and I never ever thought those words would come from my lips.
    Have a happy day! Tracie

  4. Huzzah! I remember when I started to get faster and faster, and it just started to feel good. There's nothing better than that feeling! I hope I get to feel it again soon :)