Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chapter 2 page 446.5 - OMG it fell off

I interrupt the regularly scheduled round of half mary recaps for breaking news . . .

my 2nd toe nail on my right foot FELL OFF!  OMG!  It's been "loose" for a couple of weeks or maybe even months and I just kept praying that God would reattach it - ummm, well, tonight - it fell off.  The new one had been growing underneath so I have 1/2 of a toe nail - it's ONE UGLY toe nail I might add

(have you lost a toe nail - anything I should know about it?)

We now return to my regularly scheduled blogging.


  1. Aww ... your poor toe! I've been there - twice. I'm not sure I did anything special. Just made sure to keep it clean and kept an eye on it as it grew back so it didn't become ingrown.

  2. Oh man! Daniel lost a fingernail a while back and it was pretty ugly too. The good news is once its back you won't be able to tell it even happened! Hope it grows back quickly!

  3. I lost a toenail last year and lost the nail on the same toe again this year. I've also had issues with blood blisters underneath the toenails of some of my other toes this year. My feet are not as pretty as they used to be. :(