Friday, September 30, 2011

Chapter 2 page 448 - Food Photo Friday

What's Wells L been eating lately????
Good question, see for yourself!!!!
Veggie Kabobs
(Not the first time these have been featured on this blog, but the the colors and flavors of the season just couldn't be ignored-I ate a lot of veggie kabobs this summer)
Look at that rainbow of freshness - I bought the red and orange pepper, sweet onion and baby bella 'shrooms from the store and cut them up, but the yellow squash and zucchini were home grown by "L" (thanks "L" - awe.some!)

Picked up some disposable kabobs at the grocery store - 100 sticks for only $1.99 - bargain!

Make your own rainbow of goodness - assemble however you like - seriously, isn't that beautiful?

I brushed each kabob with EVOO (as Rachel Ray calls it) and sprinkled them salt & fresh ground pepper.

Repeat the process to make as many kabobs as you want (p.s. if you make more than you can eat, they heat up well and can be eaten as a side or tossed with chicken or even thrown into pasta sauce). 

Is this not the greatest invention of ALL time?  90 seconds to whole grain goodness!

At this meal, we paired the kabob with a small 3 ounce steak and 3/4 cup of rice.  SO delicious!
Do you kabob?
  What are your favorite kabob ingredients? 


  1. Thanks for the kind words today! Even though your kabobs look like an amazing dessert, all I can think about is that dessert kabob you were talking about. AMAZING!

  2. great colors! great kabobs! they do look very 'delish' (haha i actually get rachel and martha here, well in reruns)
    wish we had a grill. sigh.

  3. Yum! I need to kabob more often! :)