Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chapte 2 page 179 - TR 69 & 3 Things Thursday

I've never had a 3 things Thursday, but it seems like I have more than one thing to say tonight.
1. Thank you Veterans! Thank you for putting on the uniform so that we can enjoy the freedoms that we take for granted. God bless you all and your families who endure while you serve!

2. "C" and I did an EASY 3.5 miler using a 2:2 interval. Can I just say this weather is AWESOME? Dang, it isn't hard to get motivated to train when it's 70 degrees, sunny, and a light breeze (I can even overlook the early sunset with weather like this). "L" was suppose to join us, not sure what happened to her. We tried the oldie but goodie interval of 2:2. Man, I sure like it. We're going to be playing around on Monday with several other intervals in search of the "perfect" one we'll use for the Women's Half. It will either be 2 or 2:10 minutes of running and anywhere from 1-2 minutes walking (we're going to look at 75 & 90 seconds as possible options).

3. Shout out to "A" (C's middle daughter): I'm sooooo glad you received good news today! I sure do hope we can meet before you move to NYC!