Saturday, November 6, 2010

Chapter 2 page 175 - TR 67 & WOOF Recap

Today's starting temperature = 23 degrees (SAY WHAT?!?)

Can I just say that I've done several November races and a January race and today's race was the coldest I have ever done . . . by like 12 degrees. I don't even know what people wear for a 23 degree trail race (which isn't in the sun, but there isn't much wind - WARDROBE WIZARD . . . HELP!!!!!). Well, I chose a tight C9 wicking shirt as a base layer and the 2009 Rat Race Tech shirt as the middle layer and then a fleece jacket as the outer layer. I decided not to wear a hat. I did have gloves in my pockets, but didn't need them at all. During our pre-race jog to the restroom, I was sweating!!! Oh no - too many clothes and not enough time to change out the layers. I had sweat dripping off my face the whole way. I was ugly hot for much of the race, but occasionally we got in a super shady area or a more open area and the wind was a little chilly. I'm thankful to one of the check in girls for giving me a rubber band so I could put my hair up. I really thought I would want it down to keep my neck warm - WRONG!!!! Quite the opposite, my hair was sweatier than if it were 90 degrees outside (is that TMI?).

The race was quite uneventful. "C" and I weren't certain what "L" was going to do - turns out she joined us as a bandit. Yeah - thanks "L" for joining us - it was FUN! What a beautiful day for the race. The post race fire and food was delightful.

Here are some race day pix for you to enjoy:

A view of the "frozen tundra" that appears when it is only 21 degrees at 9:00 a.m.

A beautiful sunrise taken looking at one of our favorite scenes - the changes leaves in front of a big red barn (barn is a little hard to see - it's behind the trees).

A quick pre-race photo while we waited for the start.

The course takes runners around the buffalo pin so since they were pretty close, I stopped and took a photo ("L" & "C" left me in the dust - I had to run while they walked to catch up)

Post race fire inside the Pavillion - NICE!


  1. Had a great time today but I agree I was not dressed properly for the change in temperature. I was freezing at the start but by race end I was sweating through everything. It was fun to have "L" join us today. She is too funny! The picture of the tree is stunning. What a beautiful day to run. It could have been just a few degrees warmer. My old bones are still cold!

  2. So glad you had a good time! I am bummed I missed you, though :)

    I had the opposite problem. I wore capris and was too cold. I ended up throwing on my Recovery Socks - much to people's amusement. One volunteer called me the "most fashionable runner." Ha!

  3. I seriously cannot imagine doing this! Not only does the weather sound miserable...but...RUNNING. Uhg!!

    Good for yoU!!

  4. Hey girl. I am so looking forward to meeting you! I think I'm shooting for the same pace as you for the WHM. Any given day, I never know though:-)