Saturday, November 27, 2010

Chapte 2 page 191 - TR 72 & Clutz Award

Before I begin with the clutz award part of the story, I should tell you the weather stats first:
Temp 27 degrees
Wind 20-25 mph with gusts up to 35 mph
Windchill 17 degrees (BRRRRR!)

Last night at about 9 p.m. I decided that I was going to do the Rainbow Lake 5K today. That didn't leave much time for my normal routine which includes ensuring we have either a bagel or English muffin in the house which I use as Peanut Butter delivery device for my pre-race breakfast. Oh well, I decided I would just swing by McDonalds before the race and get a plain English Muffin. At the last minute I decided to go into the restaurant and go potty one last time before the race. I then purchased a large diet coke (shout out to TMB and "C") and a plain English muffin. I walked normally (not rushing or screwing around or texting) out to the car when in one split second, I was on my butt - and hard! I remember thinking (if I didn't actually say it aloud) "WHAT!". I tried to get up and couldn't. I was sitting on a patch of black ice. For my southern fans, click here to learn what black ice is all about. I had to scout to the edge of the ice and then get up once my feet were on actual pavement. The patch of ice was only about 3' X 2', but it was sooooooooo slippery! Thankfully I didn't spill my soda (awesome job, right?). I immediately sat in my car, collected myself, spread my peanut butter on my English muffin. While doing that I noticed an older lady coming out of McDonalds with a large coffee. I remember thinking "I hope she doesn't fall" - BAM, she too fell to the ground on the ice. Unfortunately, she spilled her hot coffee all over herself. I really should have reported it to the staff, but I was in a hurry to get to the race . . . and scared to walk across the parking lot again to go inside to tell them. Before driving away, I got out of the car and stood up to see if I was alright. Boy, my wrist (which I used to catch myself) and my ankle, knee, and back were all pretty sore. I thought I would still be able to do the race. Besides, there was no way my wellness client "J" (who I was meeting at the race) would EVER believe I fell on black ice - she would have totally thought that was a bogus excuse to sleep in).

I arrived 30 minutes later to the race registration. I checked in and moved around on my ankle a bit - ouch! I totally should have probably just sat out the race, but I needed to run and was kind of jealous of "C's" awesome Turkey Trot time so . . . I decided to push through (walk if I had to). This was my first race that I ever did completely by myself. Even races where I didn't bring someone with me, I usually meet someone and we end up doing it together. Not today, it was all me for the entire 3.1 miles. I listened to music which I NEVER do (not a big fan of music - I hear all of you just boo hiss!). It was alright. I couldn't use a beeper timer because of my tunes so I just did whatever I felt like.

My first interval was 10 minutes of running and 3 minutes of walking.

My second interval was "until I got to the house on the corner" which was like 7 1/2 minutes running and 2 minutes of walking.

My third interval was only 5 minutes running and 3 minutes walking (running was cut short by the one and only water station).

I then ran the last 12 1/2 minutes.

My ankle hurt worse to walk than it did to run (odd, huh?). My final time was nothing to brag about (42:48). I ended up 160th place out of 180 (there were 4 people behind me in my age group - that rarely happens, especially with such small races - I usually take the prize for dead last . . . of the last 4 was my wellness client "J").

After the race, I came home, wrapped my ankle in an ace, put ice on it while we drove an hour to another Thanksgiving party. It's REALLY sore - not going to lie.

But I feel happy I accomplished 3 miles on my own.

Here are some quirky pix:
I broke out a brand new pair of shoes for this race - yeah!
The race started at Jean Stratton Porter's house.
My wellness client "J" and I at the finish line. It was sooo cold. I know I had at least 10 items of clothing on (tights, pants, 2 shirts, sweatshirt, gloves, ear warmer, under garments).

Hope your day was great!


  1. Ouch on the fall!

    Good job on the race. Be proud of your time. You have something to work from now.

    I can't believe you ran in this horrible weather!!! Trooper award for that!

  2. I still can't believe you did the run after that fall. But then again, you are a trooper. I knew you would be able to save the "McDiet" in your fall. What a girl! And you listened to music!!! Music helps me to run through the times when I want to walk and know that I shouldn't. After running in cold weather and rain , I kind of miss the hot and humid weather we had in Florida. Don't you? Again, great job today. Can't wait to start training again. Any more thoughts about the HUFF?

  3. I wish I could have traded you places. My day went from hopeful to bad,from bad to worse. Hope to get together soon and fill you in. Amazed that you did this, so proud of you. Now I feel like a slob. "L"

  4. Sorry to hear about your fall. I hope your ankle is feeling better after doing an awesome job on that 5K!

  5. @ all you -
    My ankle is really sore especially if I point my foot. I'm RICEing like a champ.
    @ "C" - McDiet - totally forgot that!!!! SMILE
    @ "L" - let's plan on something this week!!! I'm open - call or email me.

  6. Oh no! I hope you feel better! Black ice is awful.

  7. Oh my! That sounds terrible - thanks for sharing this story! I bet you were kind of relieved to see the other lady fall too...atleast I would have been. Hope both of you are feeling better!

    Great job running in the FREEZING cold!

  8. Oh girl....I hope you aren't sore for long!