Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chapter 2 page 182 - Snow to Sand

It's no secret, I've been quite nervous about the upcoming Women's Half Marathon in St. Petersburg this Sunday. I appreciate the well wishes you all offered a few posts ago - they went a long way to easing my concerns.

Want to know what else helped to calm my nerves?

The forecast for Northern Indiana later this week:
SNOW, COLD (high 42 degrees, low of 27 degrees), WIND

The forecast for St. Pete Florida later this week:

HOT (high of 80 degrees, low of 68 degrees), SUN, OCEAN BREEZES

Even though I'm worried about the HOT TEMPS during the half marathon -hmmm, I think I can suck it up and enjoy the sun, sand, and surf!

Oh yeah - bring on 13.1 miles!


  1. haha! Enjoy the sun!! :D (and the race!!) ;)

  2. You asked, "How does one miss a gu station?" By not paying attention (this probably doesn't happen to many people). It was my first marathon and it was a crowded one. Gu is handed out at water stations, often at the back. So I grabbed my water and got out of the way since water stations can get a little backed-up. Just as I passed the end of the last table, I realized they were handing out Gu. Now I always check ahead of time which stations have Gu, just in case. Good luck! You'll do great!

  3. Good luck! (From this week's non-blogger)


  4. No worries! (I'm new to this blogging thing so I couldn't figure out how to directly email you.) I would never have thought you could miss them, but in the moment, if you're not looking for Gu at a particular station it's possible. You'll be fine though! And enjoy the extras!