Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Chapter 2 page 187 - the mini vacation

"C" and I flew out of Indianapolis where the temperatures were about 40 degrees only to arrive in Tampa 2 hours later where temperatures were about 80 degrees - NICE! Indiana has VERY gray skies in the winter and the landscape is VERY brown (brown dead leaves, brown grass, just a sea of brown). We arrived in St. Petersburg only to be greeted by beautiful green palm trees, blue skies, and dark blue waters. AHHH!
-Took a perilous cab ride from the airport to the hotel (mental note - it's just best that you don't look at how closely the cabby tailgates)
-Checked into the hotel
-Walked SO FAR in search of food (and further because I was directionally challenged)
-Sat outside on top of The Pier and shared a delicious salad and shrimp. We just relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful sun and the water. I sent a pix of my location to all of my co-workers who would have still been in the office.
-Walked through several small shops inside The Pier
-Walked back toward the hotel and came across a movie theater so we decided to see Due Date - hilarious!
-Went to bed
-Ate breakfast at the hotel
-Walked to the Publix and bought bottled water and some items for Sunday's breakfast
-Walked over to the race starting line so we knew exactly how to get there
-Took the "looper" trolley to the Vinoy Resort where the expo and packet pick up was located
-Picked up our bibs, shirts, bags (what a complete bummer -the bag was billed as the ultimate goody bag - ultimate? NOT!)
-Walked around the expo for nearly 3 hours (it was sooo busy and so hot and so packed with women looking for clothing bargins - I think it was a good warm up for Black Friday - bring it!). I bought 5 bondi bands, and 2 pairs of stripped toe socks. "C" picked up 1 bondi band and an iFitness double pouch belt. We got some watermelon chomps which was thrilling since they don't seem to be sold in Indiana anywhere. We also got a couple pouches of mint chocolate gu (those too aren't readily available in IN).
-I rested while "C" took a few pix of the expo craziness
-Met Momma of 3 on the Run
-Took the "looper" trolley back to the hotel to drop off everything
-Walked to Nola restaurant and had a light salad and soup
-Walked to Bella Brava and waited over an hour to get a table (Momma of 3 on the Run and her friend Heidi joined us for dinner); "C" and I shared spaghetti and meatballs for dinner; enjoyed a wonderful time of getting to know Christina and Heidi
-Walked back to the hotel
-Got all of our race stuff layed out
-Went to bed
-Woke up early
-Ate our breakfast in our hotel room
-Walked to the race start
-Did 13.1 miles (way more details coming on this in future posts)
-Got a 10 minute post race massage
-Walked to CVS to get "trinkets" for all my peepes back home (thanks Momma of 3 on the Run for pointing me in the right direction)
-Walked back to the hotel for a much needed shower and change of clothes
-Took the "looper" trolley to The Pier
-Sat outside on top of The Pier and ate a salad (the dressing on the salad was so amazing!!!!)
-Bought some souvenirs at the shops inside The Pier
-Took the last "looper" shuttle to The Gatsby restaurant
-We chose the Gatsby because we could eat outside and they had 3 outdoor tv's that had the Colts game playing. We shared Bruschetta, ate Grouper sandwiches, and cheered loudly for the Colts (totally fun despite the very sucky last pass by Manning directly into the arms of the Patriots - UGG!)
-Walked down to the Gelato cafe and enjoyed a small 3 flavor gelato cup. It was so delicous.
-We walked back to the hotel and packed up our things

-We got up extra early ("C's" alarm was still set for Saturday's wake up time, then she pushed the snooze button instead of the off button so it went off again a few minutes later, then about 15 minutes after all that, her wrist watch alarm went off . . . so we just got up and laughed)
-Got ready and went to eat breakfast in the hotel
-Sat on the hotel's porch and waited for the Super Shuttle to take us back to the airport
-Flew back to IN (thankfully it was 68 degrees when we landed in Indy - helped with the weather transition . . . it was 22 degrees when I left for work the next morning)
-Ate at Paradise Bakery & Cafe (wow - the wrap and cookie were amazing)
-Fueled the car
-Drove home
-Did laundry (our race clothes were sooo stinky!!!!)
-Hugged our husbands and went to bed

The End . . . sigh


  1. There's no mini about that vacation! I can't believe you did all of that AND ran a half. Amazing.

    By the way, jealous of the grouper. I had a grouper sandwich the last time I was in St. Pete and it was FAB.

  2. I couldn't have said it any better! What about the weather today? Wishing we were back in sunny St. Pete!!! Tomorrow I will be running in drizzle and cold weather as opposed to the sunny and HOT weather on Sunday. Am I crazy or what? I guess you already know the answer to that one!
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!