Monday, November 1, 2010

Chapter 2 page 172 - TR 66 long-ish run

Last week, "C" and I had planned for our long run today to be at least 11 miles and hopefully 13 - though we didn't really discuss it prior to our run today. We decided we needed to run the trail that makes up part of Saturday's WOOF race plus add a few extra miles on the road.

"C" and I set out without "L" who apparently wasn't going to arrive in time to join us. About 45 minutes into our run, we notice someone ahead of us and then we hear "I see you." At first I though it might be a jerk making fun of my new bright orange reflective shirt. We hear "I see you" a few more times. "C" yells out ""L" is that you?" No response. I said "It better be "L" or I'm going to kick some ass!" We hear "I see you" again. I then announce I'm carrying my gun and have no issue with shooting you (would that have scared you if you were the boogy man trying to kill us on the trail? - I hoped it would). After a few minutes of my posturing, we meet up with the mystery person . . . "L"! Yeah!!!!! It's been so long since the 3 of us ran together - it was fun. We ended up running another hour together. (glad I didn't have to open a can of whip ass on a stranger perv . . 'cuz I woulda!)

We ended up only going 8.09 miles (according to my GPS). I had hoped for much further, but I guess we'll call this an early start to our tapering for our half on 11/21. On a positive note about today's training session, we did the 2:10/1 interval for the entire time except maybe the last half mile when we walked for our cool down.

For all of my friends (most who never comment - shame on you - but who loyally wread my blog) who are doing the WOOF:
The trail was awesome. It's NOT muddy at all. It's very much leaf covered which made some of the roots a little harder to see. I did trip twice, but never fell. It's very beautiful. There are so many colors and textures. There are at least 2 trees that have fallen across the path - they're small so it's easy to jump over. There is one small wooden foot bridge that looks like it could wash away, but no worries - all of the bridges are very secure (I made sure to jump on them to test them out). Friday's forecast is calling for 40% chance of rain and snow - as long as it's not much - it should be perfect for Saturday. Have fun - see everyone there!!!!


  1. I was meant to train with yoiu tonight, even being late and not knowing where you were couldn't keep us apart. Good to be there. You will do great, AWESOME 11/21. "L"

  2. Did you say snow? I'm not so sure I'm OK with that. Thanks for testing it out, though. See you Saturday!

  3. haha... "i see you!" ;) too funny... I probably would have freaked out!!